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Deep video tagging service Click.TV sent an email to their users today stating that they will be shutting down their video player, taking any videos served by Click.TV offline. We’ve covered Click.TV before as well as the other deep tagging startups. Click.TV says the shutdown will be accompanied by bigger plans for the future. We’re adding Click.TV to the deadpool in the meantime and have contacted them for clarification on the plans. In their email below they say “You’ll be seeing Click.TV technology very soon doing *much* bigger and better things,” so perhaps the Click.TV story is not quite over.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Click.TV User:

Effective June 8, the Click.TV Player will be shut down. Thus, videos
placed on web pages using the Click.TV Player will not play. If you
would like to continue playing those videos on your web page(s), we
suggest that you replace the Click.TV Player with another video

While I regret this shutdown, I am very excited by the reason behind
it. You’ll be seeing Click.TV technology very soon doing *much* bigger
and better things.

Lastly, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your interest in and
support of Click.TV. Customers like you, along with your videos, are
incredibly important to us.

– Mike Lanza

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