Moves Video Ideas Forward

As I’ve mentioned, the online video space is evolving extremely fast, with new companies launching just about every week. will soon be joining the crowd with a compelling offering.

Macromedia, by the way, is a major source of the creativity. Just about everyone is transcoding to Flash to show the videos to users, and the new Flash tools are allowing developers to do really interesting things with video, like deep tagging and annotations. is showing off some of this potential. It hasn’t launched yet, but it does have a good demo site up that shows what the main functionality will include: the ability for the creator and those who watch the video to add annotations anywhere in the stream, and others later to click on those annotations and jump right to that point in the video.

Like YouTube, will also give people a simple code snippet to add a video directly to another website. The snippet can include any subset of the annotations. See this features page for an overview.

As soon as I have a chance to demo the product directly I’ll add a full review. I do not yet know how they plan to handle video uploads (via a Grouper/VideoEgg type client uploader or a YouTube straight upload to the site), and whether or not they’ll allow tagging of videos and video segments. The deep tagging features of Motionbox are compelling.