Circuit City

  • Circuit City brick and mortar stores might live again

    We all know the story: Circuit City Stores spiraled down from its high point in the late 90’s to bankruptcy in 2008 and then liquidation in 2009. Systemax then bought the rights to the brand a few months later and quickly relaunched Since then Systemax has been racking in the cash. So much cash in fact that Systemax is thinking about opening some Circuit City… Read More

  • Random 23-inch Acer monitor on sale at Circuit City for $160

    This is a 23-inch Acer monitor. It’s on sale at Circuit City’s Web site (yes, they’re back as a Web site) for $160, down from $230. 1080p, the whole nine yards. I bought a 23-inch Acer monitor for myself for Christmas. It’s nice enough, though the lack of headphone jack isn’t cool. My fault, didn’t do the research. Read More

  •'s very shady return policy

    Well, now I’m not shopping at or Best Buy. Seriously. The new launched under new management last week we found the following statement within the return policy section. Some manufacturers have implemented returns restrictions that prevent from being able to accept returns or offer exchanges, replacements or credits on their products for… Read More

  • is alive and kick'n

    Sure enough, is back up and ready to sell you some electronic wares. Systemax, the same parent company of Tiger Direct and, scooped up the bankrupt brand a few weeks ago and just relaunched the site this morning. Too bad that the original company went down in glorious fashion and took 35,000 American jobs with it. Aat least this new site has some great deals. Serious. Read More

  • relauches – kind of

    We knew that was going to relaunch and it looks like that will happen real soon. Systemax Inc. did indeed purchase the brand and website from the bankrupt company and has plans to relaunch the website. The updated has info about the the launch and new company right now, but expect the full site to be up in a few days. Read More

  • Wal-Mart stepping into the big-box electronics breech

    By adding higher-end, interactive displays, Wal-Mart intents to grab big box shoppers who might have once gone to dedicated electronics stores but are now looking for something a bit more interesting. That’s right: Wal-Mart looking to take over where Circuit City left off – offering high-priced electronics in a physical environment reminiscent of the canteen on a prison planet… Read More

  • The Circuit City brand and website could be sold to Systemax (who owns CompUSA)

    A tipster informed us about the mysterious message a week ago, and it seems that the brand might indeed be resurrected. Systemax, of TigerDirect and CompUSA fame, is interested in purchasing Circuit City‘s brandname and website for $6.5 million. There is a chance for other potential bidders to submit offers until May 11. Systemax has done a decient job of raising CompUSA… Read More

  • to relaunch "in the coming weeks"

    Well, well. Circuit City went down in flames and the last stores shut their doors weeks ago. However, the brand might not be entirely dead. Check out is also temporarily closed, although we anticipate the website will reopen in the coming weeks. Please check back for updates. So yeah, it looks like Circuit City might rise from the ashes just like CompUSA. Too… Read More

  • Circuit City gets one last laugh, sells broken used consoles full of personal info

    Not that ANY of you would ever sell your console without deleting all your personal files and credit card information off of it first but just in case, here’s a reminder why you should do just that. Apparently a refurbishment center bought up a bunch of Circuit City’s pre-owned consoles that were to be “in working condition, and with maybe a few components missing.” Read More

  • Firedog downsized to just Fired

    Circuit City may be gone forever, but that doesn’t mean imagery of its last days need to stop. Some of ’em, including the one above, are classic. Fired! How clever. Read More

  • Circuit City's last product standing

    Here it is, friends: the last thing in the last Circuit City store in Robinson, PA. Actually, it wasn’t the last. The vultures had picked the place clean but Rob at BBG writes: As the day drew to a close, a fake hollow display camera supplied an endless cycle of excitement and disappointment. Read More

  • Circuit City's closing all stores by March 8th

    It’s almost over, folks. The saga of Circuit City is about done as the company plans to shut all stores by March 8th. Some stores, including my old location of 3631, closed weeks ago. It all depended on the individual store’s inventory. If the store sold everything, there wasn’t any reason to keep paying the employees. Read More

  • Liqui-doh!-tion: Couple buys $1100 shattered TV from Circuit City, all sales final

    Here’s some consumer electronics heartache for you. A couple in Boston bought an $1100 Samsung TV from Circuit City’s liquidation sale, only to find out that, once they got home and opened it up, it was shattered. Why didn’t they inspect it at the store, you ask? Well, apparently the signs in the store say “DO NOT OPEN THE MERCHANDISE” alongside other signs that… Read More

  • More than $1 billion sold at Circuit City fire sales

    While we failed to find much of anything at the Circuit City liquidation sales, apparently a whole bunch of other people did. The liquidator overlords are reporting that they managed to sell more than $1 billion of Circuit City’s inventory at these sales. In fact, many Circuit City stores have either closed up permanently, or are about to shut the doors because the sales have gone so well. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: CC's last gasp

    It is over, friends. Here’s what they have to offer us in their last hours: 30% off camcorders, DSLRs, point & shoots, CDs DVDs, photo frames, and GPS units. 25% off plasmas, home audio, software, and office gear 40% off furniture. Good luck and godspeed. Read More

  • Report: Circuit City's liquidation going great

    Despite our attempts to inform everyone that the Circuit City liquidation deals are scams, apparently some people are still spending their money at the dead retailer. In fact, there the liquidator overlords might start another round of markdowns starting today because the sales are going so well. The distribution centers are almost cleared out and it seems Circuit City’s days are coming to… Read More

  • Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

    Circuit City Stores have been liquidating for almost two weeks now and hopefully some people have found decent deals at the sales. Most big ticket items are probably still not worth it thanks to shady liquidator tactics, but someone, somewhere hopefully scored something at a bargain basement price. Right? Read More

  • Actual Circuit City employee offers liquidation tips

    We’ve seen (and written) our fair share of advice concerning the Circuit City liquidation, but now it’s time to hear from an actual Circuit City employee about what’s really going on. Read More

  • Circuit City's Canadian operation to get auctioned this week

    Circuit City’s Canadian operations have been in question ever since the US locations started showing signs of death. had previously stated that the Canadian locations would operate normally but that doesn’t seem the case as all 765 stores are headed to the auction block this week. The Source, as the stores are called in Canadaland, were previously purchased from… Read More

  • Poll: Is Circuit City's liquidation widely known as a scam?

    It seems that everyone knows that the Circuit City liquidation is a scam in our corner of the Internet but what about Mr. Average Joe? Does he know that we haven’t heard of anyone finding a lower price at a closing Circuit City store than at Best Buy or via an online source. Maybe the deals will come after the store’s inventory is stagnate for a few weeks. After all, the head… Read More

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