Circuit City

Circuit City, angling for a comeback of sorts, hopes to raise $25M

At the risk of dating myself, I’m old enough to remember the days when Best Buy had a formidable rival in superstore chains: Circuit City. A cross between an appliance store (at least until it s

Circuit City brick and mortar stores might live again

<img src="">We all know the story: <a href="">Circuit City Stores</a> spiraled down from

Random 23-inch Acer monitor on sale at Circuit City for $160

This is a 23-inch Acer monitor. It’s on sale at Circuit City’s Web site (yes, they’re back as a Web site) for $160, down from $230. 1080p, the whole nine yards. I bought a 23-inch Ac's very shady return policy

<img src="">Well, now I'm not shopping at or <a href=" is alive and kick'n

<img src="">Sure enough, is <a href=" relauches – kind of

We knew that was going to relaunch and it looks like that will happen real soon. Systemax Inc. did indeed purchase the brand and website from the bankrupt company and has plans to rel

Wal-Mart stepping into the big-box electronics breech

<img src="">By adding higher-end, interactive displays, Wal-Mart intents to grab big box shoppers who might have once gone to dedica

The Circuit City brand and website could be sold to Systemax (who owns CompUSA)

<img src="">A tipster informed us about <a href="" to relaunch "in the coming weeks"

Well, well. Circuit City went down in flames and the last stores shut their doors weeks ago. However, the brand might not be entirely dead. Check out is also temporari

Circuit City gets one last laugh, sells broken used consoles full of personal info

<img src="">Not that ANY of you would ever sell your console without deleting all your personal files and credit card information off of

Firedog downsized to just Fired

Circuit City may be gone forever, but that doesn’t mean imagery of its last days need to stop. Some of ’em, including the one above, are classic. Fired! How clever.

Circuit City's last product standing

<img src="">Here it is, friends: the last thing in the last Circuit City store in Robinson, PA. Actually, it wasn't the last. The vulture

Circuit City's closing all stores by March 8th

<img src="">It's almost over, folks. The saga of <a href="">Circuit City</a> is ab

Liqui-doh!-tion: Couple buys $1100 shattered TV from Circuit City, all sales final

<img src="">Here’s some consumer electronics heartache for you. A couple in Boston bought an $1100 Samsung TV from Circuit City’s li

More than $1 billion sold at Circuit City fire sales

<img src="">While we failed to find much of anything at the <a href="">Circuit City</a> liquid

CrunchDeals: CC's last gasp

It is over, friends. Here’s what they have to offer us in their last hours: 30% off camcorders, DSLRs, point & shoots, CDs DVDs, photo frames, and GPS units. 25% off plasmas, home audio, sof

Report: Circuit City's liquidation going great

<img src="">Despite our attempts to inform everyone that the <a href="">Circuit City</a> liqui

Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

<img src=""><a href="">Circuit City Stores</a> have been liquidating for almost

Actual Circuit City employee offers liquidation tips

<img src="">We’ve seen (and written) our fair share of advice concerning the Circuit City liquidation, but now it’s time

Circuit City's Canadian operation to get auctioned this week

<img src=""> Circuit City's Canadian operations have been in question ever since the US locations started showing signs
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