Circuit City's last product standing

Here it is, friends: the last thing in the last Circuit City store in Robinson, PA. Actually, it wasn’t the last. The vultures had picked the place clean but Rob at BBG writes:

As the day drew to a close, a fake hollow display camera supplied an endless cycle of excitement and disappointment.

Watching the sinking of the HMS Circuit City reminds us that we’re entered a strange new era. Think of it as evolution and, in a way, survival of the fittest – although it can be argued that Best Buy deserved to die as well. The mom and pop appliance stores were where our parents picked up a TV – Sears if they wanted to go crazy. Those fell away to the Wal-Marts and Best Buys of the world and now the supply chains are tightening and it just doesn’t make sense to have many more Big Box stores. In a time when you can order almost anything online and the wealth of information on electronics makes everything a commodity there is no way to add a “human” touch to sales without raising prices.

Godspeed, former Circuit City employees. Good luck.