Circuit City

Don't go to Circuit City for deals

<img src=""> I started this rant last night and kind of realized it didn't make much sense. However, eagle-eyed reader SteveJabs he

Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

<img src="">Now that <a href="">Circuit City</a> retail locations are ran by <a hre morphs into an info page

<img src=""><a href="">Circuit City</a> is gone and so is the website - for now. Circuit

Circuit City liquidation shopping tips

<img src=""><a href="">Circuit City</a> may be bringing in liquidators to help clear our the re

End of an era: Circuit City to close *all* its stores

<img src="" />We hardly knew you, Circuit City, but word today is that you'll be <a HREF="

The vulture liquidators are circulating Circuit City's rotting carcass

<img src=""><a href="">Circuit City</a> is currently in process of taking bids on the r

Judge approves gigantic Circuit City loan but there might be a lot more store closings

<img src=""><a href="">Circuit City</a> has had a rough year. We know that, but the <a

Best Buy showing signs of trouble due to poor sale numbers

Best Buy isn’t immune to the economic crisis and had a very rough last quarter. The country’s largest electronic retailer watched same-store sales fall 5.3% over last years and net earning

CrunchDeals: hhgregg accepting Circuit City gift cards through February

Electronics retailer hhgregg will now accept Circuit City gift cards through Super Bowl Sunday, 2009. The small print is that the cards can only be applied to 20% of the total purchase price and they

Just a thought. Might not be a good idea to give Circuit City gift cards as gifts.

So yeah, gift cards are a popular gift but you might wanna think twice about one from Circuit City. With store closing and poor inventory, it just doesn’t make sense at this time. I guess that t

A Sony president on Circuit City

We all know by know that Circuit City is a world of hurt, with the recent bankruptcy and all, but what Sony Electronics President, Stan Glasgow, recently said about the retailer sums it up nicely.

Circuit City’s Black Friday ad leaked just posted Circuit City’s Black Friday ad. Hopefully the company will live to see next year’s ad, too. Some notable good deals: SanDisk 1GB MP3 Player Express for $16.99 HP Pavil

Time on what happened to Circuit City

We all know Circuit City is in the pooper, but Time gives a little back history for those not familiar with Circuit City’s last decade of suck. Best part? For many consumers, however, Circuit Ci

Circuit City employee report: Inventory woes

Circuit City seems to be having big inventory issues right now. We know that the retailer is restructuring under Chapter 11 and recently received a $1 billion loan from BoA, but inventory issues are 

Good news and bad news for Circuit City

Circuit City has a lot to be thankful for this Thankgiving after a $1.1 billion dollar loan from Bank of America. That amount should cover operating expenses and take care of inventory concerns over t

Circuit City liquidation fail party

There have been reports that the Circuit City liquidation sales rely on false pretenses and incompetent liquidators. Example: this 5% off tag for what appears to be an HP 12.1 inch laptop. Nice, huh

Yikes: Circuit City files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Adios, Circuit City . You will be remembered forever as a not-good-enough version of Best Buy (even though Best Buy is pretty suspect, too.) Yes, Circuit City has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankr

Circuit City laying off corporate employees too

Red shirt Circuit City workers aren’t the only employees getting the pink slip as a report by the Richmond Times-Dispatch indicates that headquarter staffers will be laid-off too. The Circuit C

Circuit City scamming people on "liquidation" sales

Circuit City is hurting right now and apparently that is justification for ripping people off under the umbrella of a liquidation sale. These so-called sales are within the 155 stores that are being s

CrunchDeals: Save up to 30 percent at closing Circuity City stores

Circuit City’s awful, awful loss is our gain. The company is starting to close all those stores now, and is subsequently marking down the prices of all sorts of electronic gizmos. You can expect
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