Circa wants to make first-of-the-month rent payments obsolete

Renters can choose their payment method, split up payments and schedule the payments, all while having flexibility should income become a problem.

EventGeek relaunches as Circa to help marketers embrace virtual events

EventGeek was a Y Combinator-backed startup that offered tools to help large enterprises manage the logistics of their events. So with the COVID-19 pandemic essentially eliminating large-scale confere

The Daily Dot Didn’t Acquire Circa, But It Did Hire Circa’s CTO

If you were a fan of news startup Circa, you might remember that shortly before it shut down this summer, it was reportedly looking for a buyer and in talks with The Daily Dot. Well, it looks like t

Mobile News App Circa Adds A Personalized Daily Digest Of The Day’s Top Stories

Today, Circa is making it easier for news buffs to get the most important news of the day, while also being able to drill down into the topics and stories they most care about. For version 3 of its ap

One Lap With Circa’s Matt Galligan

In the first installment of One Lap, Matt Galligan joined me at Thunderhill Raceway to talk about his mobile news application, Circa. I first met Matt in Boulder, Colo., in early 2010 shortly after

Circa Releases Version 2 For iOS And Android, Adds Breaking News Notifications

Mobile news startup Circa is releasing a new version of its app with an updated interface for discovering and following news, with a big focus on breaking news. The app will allow users to get push no

Circa Raises $750K From Group Including Lerer Ventures To Revolutionize Mobile News Delivery

We’ve learned today that mobile news-delivery company Circa has raised another $750K on top of the $900K raised previously. The company launched its app of the same name, which allows you to fol

News App Circa Launches Web View And Twitter Feed So Everyone Can Read Stories Anywhere

We told you about Matt Galligan's <a href="">news app for iOS, Circa</a>, a few months ago. Basically, it brea

Matt Galligan On Circa’s Role In The Upcoming Election And The Future Of News [TCTV]

Last month, we told you about a <a href="">new service called Circa</a>, which set out to redefine the way tha

Circa’s New iOS App Will Change The Way You Consume News

The way that we consume information on the Internet has changed dramatically over the years. The main reason is because there is simply more content available to us than we could ever consume during o

All-Star Cast Invests 750K In Ben Huh And Matt Galligan’s Mobile News Startup Circa

SimpleGeo's Matt Galligan and Icanhascheezburger's Ben Huh have teamed up to change the way people consume news via mobile. Their startup <a href="">Circa</a>, which boasts a newsw

Meet Circa, The Stealthy ‘News Experience’ Startup From Ben Huh And SimpleGeo Founder Matt Galligan

As we heard in August, SimpleGeo founder <a href="">Matt Galligan</a> <a href="">left the c