The Daily Dot Didn’t Acquire Circa, But It Did Hire Circa’s CTO

If you were a fan of news startup Circa, you might remember that shortly before it shut down this summer, it was reportedly looking for a buyer and in talks with The Daily Dot.

Well, it looks like those talks led somewhere — but not to an acquisition. Daily Dot co-founder Josh Jones-Dilworth said his company has hired “the core of the Circa tech team,” including co-founder and CTO Arsenio Santos, who’s now CTO at The Daily Dot.

“The Dot did not acquire Circa itself,” Jones-Dilworth said via email. “And we weren’t able to get everyone on their team, either. We’re super happy about the hires, though. Our expanded team has meaningfully accelerated the Dot in a short period of time already. That’s not just a line. They are wonderful. And we were recruiting in technology anyway. This turned out to be the perfect way to staff up.”

Software engineer AJ Ferrick and operations analyst Jessie Clapp also joined the Dot.

The Daily Dot launched four years ago with the aim of becoming “the hometown newspaper of the world wide web.” Since then, it’s become a pretty broad publication covering Internet culture and more. It acquired The Kernel last year.