Matt Galligan On Circa’s Role In The Upcoming Election And The Future Of News [TCTV]

Last month, we told you about a new service called Circa, which set out to redefine the way that you consume news on your iOS device. The app itself is beautifully designed and was based off of an idea that Ben Huh had and then shared with Matt Galligan. Galligan took the idea and ran with it.

Right now, Circa finds itself uniquely positioned in the news cycle for Hurricane Sandy and the upcoming Presidential election in a way that no other service is. Basically, this is the moment that you’re either going to fall in love with Circa, or figure out that it’s not for you.

I sat down with Galligan in our studio today to discuss how things have been going, where things will head in the future and how his service handles the avalanche of news to parse for its users with a human editorial staff.