Google launches new AI-powered meeting room hardware

Google today announced the Google Meet Series One, a new video conferencing hardware suite for meeting rooms. Built in collaboration with Lenovo, the Series One uses high-end cameras and microphones a

With Chromebooks A Success, Google Adds Focus On Chromeboxes

When you think ChromeOS, chances are the first thing that comes to mind are Chromebooks. Since 2012, though, Google and its hardware partners have also been quietly selling its <a target="_blank" href

Google Makes It Easier To Turn Its Chromebooks Into Public Internet Kiosks

Google always said that its Chromebooks were “for sharing,” but even though they always had a guest mode, they weren’t necessarily set up to be used as public Internet kiosks. Today,

Google Now Lets Businesses Rent Chromebooks For $30 Per Month

Google now lets companies <a target="_blank" href="">rent Chromebooks for $30 per month</a> and Chromeboxes for $2

Google Brings ChromeOS To The Desktop, Launches Its First Chromebox

Google, together with its partner Samsung, <a href="">launched</a> a <a href="