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  • Chrome For Mac Finally All Systems Go With Bookmark Manager

    For the past several weeks I’ve only used one web browser: Google Chrome for Mac. Sure, it’s still in beta, but it’s fast and generally bug-free. That said, there have still be a couple of annoying issues. One was that there was no extension support (aside from Chromium builds), but that changed last week in the Chrome for Mac dev build. The other was that you could not… Read More

  • Chrome For Mac Finally Gains Extensions (Well, The Dev Channel, At Least)

    This is it, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, those of you who are Mac users that use Chrome anyway. Though it took longer than expected, bookmark syncing and extensions have been turned on in the latest version ( that just went live today. However, before you start commenting that you don’t see it working yet, please not that this is on the dev channel version… Read More

  • Google Starts Pushing Chrome To All Mac Users On Its Homepage

    As we all know by now, Google Chrome for Mac and Linux are now here, and despite the Mac version missing a few features at the moment, both are earning rave reviews around the web. Meanwhile, a report a couple days ago from Net Applications suggested that the Mac and Linux builds helped push Chrome into the number three browser spot in terms of usage, past Apple’s own Safari. And it… Read More

  • There Are Already 500 Chrome Extensions. They'll Work On Mac Chrome By Week's End.

    Tonight at the Googleplex in Mountain View, Google held an event to formally unveil and showcase the new Google Chrome Extensions. The browser add-ons, which launched just yesterday are already proving to be quite popular among both users and maybe more importantly, developers. Tonight Google announced that while they launched with around 300 extensions yesterday, that number has already grown… Read More

  • A Simple Way To Install Chrome Extensions For Mac Right Now

    Ah the Internet, I knew you would come up with a solution. No sooner do I write a post about how Google has disabled Chrome Extensions for Mac even though they will work in the latest builds of Chromium (the open-source browser which Chrome is based on), does someone come up with a solution. Matt Mastracci, the founder of DotSpots and a blogger at, has created a simple bookmark… Read More

  • When Google Said No Extensions For Mac Yet, They Meant It

    As you’ve no doubt heard by now, the beta versions of Chrome for Mac and Linux launched today (as we anticipated), as did Chrome Extensions (a day earlier than we anticipated). Also as anticipated, extensions are not currently supported in the beta build of Chrome for Mac (though they are for Windows and Linux). But here’s something that’s a little odd: Chrome Extensions… Read More

  • Google's Busy Week

    I thought December was supposed to be a quiet month, where people go on vacation, and companies don’t launch new things. I was wrong. This week is shaping up to be a very busy one for Google as they could have as many as three substantial launches in three days. Monday: Tomorrow morning, the company is holding an event in Mountain View, CA to talk about the evolution of its search… Read More

  • Chrome For Mac Beta Launch Is Imminent

    Sometime in the past few hours, the Mac Detailed Status page on Chromium’s website has been changed to the “Mac OS X Roadmap.” Why? Because the team has wiped out the bugs that were blocking a beta release of Chrome for Mac, and it is on the verge of launching. Yes, those 8 remaining bugs we noted a few days ago are gone, as you can see here. On the new Roadmap page, the goal… Read More

  • Features Chrome For Mac Beta Will Be Missing

    As we’ve noted, Chrome for Mac is getting very, very close to its official beta launch. The team is down to a mere 8 bugs to fix before it’s ready (and it looks like the list has been trimmed to 7 as of a few hours ago). This is great news for Mac users who want to try out the Chrome experience that PC users have had for well over a year now. But still, the product will be in beta… Read More

  • Only 8 Bugs Stand In The Way Of Chrome For Mac Beta

    We know that a beta version of Chrome for Mac is due at least by the end of December, but today brings more confirmation that it may be even closer than that. Mike Pinkerton, the guy leading the Chrome for Mac team, has just tweeted out that there are only “8 remaining M4 Mac beta blockers! Go team!” This means that there are only 8 things standing in the way of Chrome for Mac… Read More

  • Yes, A Beta Version Of Chrome For Mac Is Just Weeks Away

    Yesterday, there were a number of stories suggesting that a beta version of Chrome for Mac was due in early December. These stemmed from CNET’s Stephen Shankland digging around a Chrome Extension Google Group page where Nick Baum, a Chrome Product Manager, made what seemed to be a very clear comment. “The earlier you switch, the more time you will have to polish your experience for… Read More