Chipolo brings its lost item trackers to Android’s Find My Device network

Smart item tracker Chipolo, a competitor to Apple’s AirTag and others, opted to grow its business by partnering with the Cupertino tech giant, not fighting them, as rival Tile has done. When App

10-year-old Chipolo explains why it’s not worried about Apple’s AirTag

When Apple’s AirTag came onto the scene in 2021, competitors like Tile were quick to bash the tech giant for antitrust issues, saying smaller companies had no chance of competing with Apple&#821

Let’s talk CES gadgets

Long gone are the days when CES actually stood for “Consumer Electronics Show” — the CTA has seen to that in its various small print. I recommend you check out our recent best of CES 2012 st

Chipolo takes on Tile with a new ‘lost wallet’ tracker that works with Apple’s Find My

An AirTag and Tile competitor called Chipolo has today launched a new product that allows consumers to locate their missing wallet through Apple’s Find My app or be notified if they’ve acc

Chipolo Is Another Thing That Lets You Track Lost Items Using Your Smartphone

Slovenia has became a hotbed for hardware startups during the past year and the newest one to come out of this Southeast European country is <a target="_blank" href="">Chipolo</