Checks, the AI-powered data protection project incubated in Area 120, officially ‘exits’ to Google

After Google cut all but three of the projects at its in-house incubator Area 120 and shifted it to work on AI projects across Google, one of the legacy efforts — coincidentally also an AI proje

Checkbook lets you email anyone a digital check and deposit it free

If you’re sick of running out of paper checks and stamps or hassling with routing numbers to send zero-fee payments, you can bank on Checkbook. The startup today launches its digital check servi

Capital One Debuts New Apps To Accept Check Deposits By Phone

Better late than never. Today, <a target="_blank" href="">Capital One Bank</a> added itself to the growing number of banks offering the ability to make check deposi

To Modernize The Checkbook, Zipmark Launches Developer Platform For Mobile Payments

Following its recent raise of $2 million in seed funding, the still invite-only mobile payments startup <a href="">Zipmark</a> is today announcing the launch of its developer p

Deposit checks with your phone

An online bank, USAA, <a HREF="now allows you to deposit checks using your iPhone. To deposit a check all you have to do is take a photo of the front and back of the check. You can then void a