Background checks pay for Checkr, which just rang up $100 million in new funding

Criminal records, driving records, employment verifications. Companies that use on-demand employees need to know that all the boxes have been checked before they send workers into the world on their b

HR 2.0 is the poster child for the next wave of SaaS innovation

The path for SaaS domination of a market segment has historically followed one of two routes: bringing previously offline workflows online, or moving on-premise software processes online. In short, Sa

Checkr nabs $40m to expand its background screening platform beyond the Valley

Back in October, we reported that Checkr — a San Francisco startup that runs employee background checks and vets potential hires by way of an API — was raising north of $30 million as it e

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Checkr Is Raising $30M+ For Its Background Checking API, Y Combinator Investing

As on-demand businesses like Uber and Instacart grow quickly, so too do the B2B startups that service their wider ecosystem. In the latest development, TechCrunch has learned and confirmed with sev

Y Combinator-Backed Checkr Automates Background Checks For The New, On-Demand Economy

Checkr enables clients to easily sign up and get background checks either via an online form, or by using its REST API to connect with their own hiring systems. Standard reports include one county cri