Chartio’s New Data Pipeline Makes Analyzing And Visualizing Data Easier

<a target="_blank" href="">Chartio</a>, a business intelligence service that lets you explore your data from a wide variety of sources, is launching a new service today that should m

Chartio Raises $2.2M, Updates Its Business Intelligence And Data Visualization Platform

Chartio has raised $2.2 million from Avalon Ventures and added some new features to its data visualization platform that blends data sets and does complex calculations. Chartio had previously raised a

Zoomdata Raises $4.1M For Connecting, Streaming And Visually Showing A Company’s Data

<a target="_blank" href="">Zoomdata</a> has raised $4.1 million for its data visualization platform that connects and analyzes historical and real-time data. The Series A round

Datahero Turns Data Into Rich Visuals Without The Need For A Data Analyst

Datahero, here at Disrupt NY, represents how the market is segmenting for data visualization and data-analytics tools based upon level of skill, complexity and overall richness and sophistication of t

Tableau Updates Its Data Visualization Software And Unfortunately It’s Their Biggest Product News Of The Year

Last week, I agreed to a briefing about <a target="_blank" href="">Tableau 8.0</a>, the company's latest release and what they say is their most exciting

SumAll Raises $6M For Cloud Connected Analytics Service, Including $500K For Charity To Better The World Through Data

<a target="_blank" href="">SumAll</a> has raised $6 million in a Series A for its data connection service that analyzes and visualizes information from Instagram, Google Analytics and

Chartio Improves The Way You Visualize Your Data

Y Combinator startup <a target="_blank" href="">Chartio</a> has come out of its quiet mode with its service for connecting databases to create charts and graphs without ever needing