Zoomdata Raises $4.1M For Connecting, Streaming And Visually Showing A Company’s Data

Zoomdata has raised $4.1 million for its data visualization platform that connects and analyzes historical and real-time data. The Series A round was led by Columbus Nova Technology Partners (CNTP) with Razor’s Edge Ventures, CIT Gap Funds, and B7 participating.

The company does what its name describes, providing the ability to zoom into a company’s data, be it internal, from a Hadoop cluster or the cloud. Designed with the iPad in mind, the data can be filtered and viewed in motion. A graph can be rewound to show past results and forwarded again. Visualizations can be changed and drilled down for more analysis. A data palette allows for different data to be dragged and dropped into Zoomdata charts. A bookmark feature gives customers a way to save different views. Screenshots give customers a way to share visualizations.


Zoomdata is also announcing that it is one of the first data analysis technology vendors specifically designed for Cloudera Impala, and that its application is now certified on Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution. Impala is Cloudera’s next-generation data analytics platform.

In the new data visualization market, the difference between the modern and legacy providers really comes down to speed. How fast the data can be processed determines the winners and the losers.

Zoomdata is clearly marketing itself as part of the new camp. It describes itself as a non-ETL provider, referring to the term “extract, transform and load,” used often in the data warehouse market to describe the process of pulling data, processing it and then pushing back into the system for data analyst to use for making reports. Today, streaming data is the term that sets providers apart, not ETL.

But my what a crowded market it is in the business intelligence space. Tableau Software is the reigning market leader, recently filing its IPO. But there are plenty of others ranging from Chartio and DataHero to GoodData at the higher-end of the market.