Chamillionaire is a presentation genius, has a new app

You probably know Chamillionaire from the song “Ridin,'”┬ábut did you know the Grammy Award winner is also a successful startup investor? He has had several favorable outcomes, including C

TechCrunch Backstage Day 2: Armstrong, Chamillionaire, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Oh My! (TCTV)

<img src="" /><a href="">Chamillionaire</a> admitting his love for Mafia Wars

Why Is Chamillionaire Here?

Apparently having been trolled about <a href="">his frequent attendance at tech conferences,</a> Chamillionaire join

Chamillionaire Just Wants Your Business Card

<img src="" alt="" />Grammy award winning artist <a href="">Chamillionaire</a> (a.k.a Hakeem Seri