• Chamillionaire is a presentation genius, has a new app

    Chamillionaire is a presentation genius, has a new app

    You probably know Chamillionaire from the song “Ridin,'” but did you know the Grammy Award winner is also a successful startup investor? He has had several favorable outcomes, including Cruise, which sold to General Motors and Maker Studios, which was bought by Disney. Now he’s trying his hand at a startup of his own. If you’re a Chamillionaire superfan, you may already… Read More

  • TechCrunch Backstage Day 2: Armstrong, Chamillionaire, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Oh My! (TCTV)

    Chamillionaire admitting his love for Mafia Wars, Steve Streit recounting his first meeting with Michael Moritz, Tim Armstrong and Erick Schonfeld discussing office arrangements in New York, and Mayor Gavin Newsom’s thoughts on baring a striking resemblance to Batman— that’s all the action you may have missed if you only watched the stage during day two of TechCrunch… Read More

  • Chamillionaire on the Impact of the Tech World on Music

    Why Is Chamillionaire Here?

    Apparently having been trolled about his frequent attendance at tech conferences, Chamillionaire joined Mike Arrington today onstage at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference to answer the question, “Why is Chamillionaire here?” Chamillionaire is here because he wants people to understand how the tech world dramatically changes his world. Chamillionaire is here because “the… Read More

  • Chamillionaire Just Wants Your Business Card

    Chamillionaire Just Wants Your Business Card

    Grammy award winning artist Chamillionaire (a.k.a Hakeem Seriki) has become a regular at tech conferences, perhaps because the hustle and flow culture of the rap business and the hustle and flow culture of the tech business are surprisingly similar. His stories of struggles between artists and music labels are resonant to anyone who’s experienced the relationship intricacies of startups… Read More