Why Is Chamillionaire Here?

Apparently having been trolled about his frequent attendance at tech conferences, Chamillionaire joined Mike Arrington today onstage at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference to answer the question, “Why is Chamillionaire here?”

Chamillionaire is here because he wants people to understand how the tech world dramatically changes his world. Chamillionaire is here because “the biggest tech thing” rappers know about is Napster, NOT Spotify.

“I can go to ten of my rap homies, and none of them will know Spotify. Spotify will dramatically change my industry.”

And he’s here because tech advancements don’t trickle down to the artists.

Chamillionaire is here because people like Chamillionaire are the influencers, they are the people your kids are following on Twitter.

“Sometimes I ask at concerts, how many of you are on Twitter, and the crowd goes crazy. Then I ask about Facebook, and the crowd goes even more crazy.”

So instead of asking why is Chamillionaire here, we should be asking why isn’t everybody else in rap game here. Chamillionaire is here for knowledge, and he’s here for competitive reasons.

“A Justin Bieber fan, a Lady Gaga fan knows iTunes. A rap fan does not know iTunes, they’ll go to a torrent. Whatever is freer than free, that’s what music will be eventually.”

Chamillionaire is here because the music industry is an echo chamber much like Silicon Valley. Chamillionaire is here because he has been on the cutting edge of technology, since the ’90s.

Chamillionaire is here because there is yet no conference that is half tech entrepreneurs and half rappers. Chamillionaire is here because he is sick of the business and will not be releasing his latest album through Universal Records.

Chamillionaire is here because he better than Mark Zuckerberg at avoiding questions. Chamillionaire is here because he is in the business of winning. He’s here because if you fail at a startup you can just start another one.

He’s here because the startup world makes you fearless, and it can also make you do dumb things.

He’s here because somebody wanted him to be the “face” of their search engine.

“I bet it was Blekko, I hope it wasn’t Cuil”

Chamillionaire is here because he wants to know the movers and shakers like Ron Conway. He’s here because he knows that if a startup doesn’t have user base you shouldn’t put $2.00 in it.

He’s here, because there should be more people from his world here.