• Hands-on with the Monster Cable MCC AV50

    This is Monster Cables’ second line of remotes. The first were a candybar-style Harmony clone. Just like the rest of Monster’s line, it was expensive at $600, but yet nice. I got a chance to spend a few minutes with Monsters’s new line after its presser today, and well, this one seems different. It’s inexpensive at $100 and feels cheap. Well, done Monster. Read More

  • LG's new TVs are thin and full of Skype

    What do you want in a TV? Good picture? Low price? Or… video chat? Well, LG thinks you want video chat, though to be fair their new TVs are also quite delicious-looking. The real star of the show was the “LEF,” however, a 1/4-inch thick display that out-thins Panasonic’s surprise from last year. Unfortunately, nobody knew a thing about it. “Straight out of… Read More

  • 3M improves their pico projector line with the new MPro150

    You remember the MPro120, right? 3M’s little pico projector. I reviewed it some time ago and found it perfectly delightful, but it was missing a few features, such as onboard storage, that its competitors had. The new version, apparently skipping a few digits, is the MPro150, and it fixes a lot of those little issues. It comes with a gig of onboard memory and has a MicroSD slot for you… Read More

  • Live at Toshiba's CES press conference

    The stage is set and the room is full. There is only one question on everyone’s mind. Will Toshiba announce a new HD DVD player today? Jokes! Read More

  • Netgear releases two powerline solutions just as I bought a powerline solution

    Seriously. I just went and got some powerline stuff because the devices I used for about a year just died over Christmas. I used to be very skeptical of powerline networking solutions but now I’m quite impressed by the speed and reliability. I’m sold! Anyway, Netgear has two new solutions, the Powerline 200 AV and the Powerline 200 AV+. The plus has an extra power outlet on it. Woot. Read More

  • Netgear launches a digital entertainment streamer

    We just saw this box in action and it looks pretty hot. It’s essentially a set-top box that streams and play back multiple codecs. Here’s the money shot from the press release: The Digital Entertainer Express’ unique technology enables consumers to seamlessly stream M2TS via pre-buffering and play Blu-ray™ quality digital video up to 1080p. They can also play MP3… Read More

  • Sling drops four new devices, all of which are worth a passing, if mention

    Slingbox has released four new placeshifting devices. They are, in order of appearance: Slingbox 700U
    This box allows HD receivers to “sling” their “content” over the “Internet” directly, cutting out the laborous process of videotaping TV, converting it at one of those strip mall conversion places, and mailing it in the post. It connects to any set-top box… Read More

  • Kodak launches Slice touchscreen camera

    Kodak pretty much started the point and shoot camera market, but they’ve been behind for a while as far as innovation goes. In fact, this is pretty much an attempt to catch up with Nikon, Canon, and the other manufacturers who are using a touchscreen interface. Read More

  • Viliv makes the N5 and S10 Blade official

    Feel free to check out the Viliv presser after the jump, but the only thing in there that wasn’t mentioned in the earlier leak is that that both models will be sold in brick and mortor stores. That’s a first for a Viliv product and will likely dramaticly increase awearness. But we still don’t have a price on these models yet. Stay tuned. Read More

  • Klipsch LightSpeakers

    These crazy Klipsch LightSpeakers are designed to add music to any room. You can plug them into standard light cans or even slap them into your Ikea lamp. The ultrabright LED beams through a front diffuser grill and then you can connect the speakers – in left or right channels – wirelessly to any stereo. Read More

  • Lenovo announces new ultra-portables and business laptops

    It’s the new year, and time for some new stuff from Lenovo. The laptop manufacturer announced their latest and greatest recently, the new ThinkPad X100e and the ThinkPad Edge (amongst others). Read More

  • Edifier Luna5 Speakers: Giant and bulbous

    Speakers galore tonight. The Luna5 iPod dock sounds pretty good but looks great. That big weird thing on top is the speaker itself and it blasts out quite a bit of noise when you need it to. More pics after the jump. Read More

  • The Edifier MP300 Plus portable speakers

    Edifier surprisued us with a set of cool portable speakers in a tube that you can carry with you anywhere you go. The kit comes with a carry case and power adapter. Read More

  • QWERTY! On the Boxee Box remote!

    Read the headline again and smile. This little box just got a whole lot cooler. Now, how about the price. Read More

  • The BlackArmor PS 110 gets Seagate in the USB 3.0 game

    Hope you’re ready for CES’s flood of USB 3.0 drives and accessories. Seagate is the latest manufacturer to announce its initial offering at the trade show. The BlackArmor PS 110 Performance Kit includes not only a 500GB portable hard drive, but also a ExpressCard USB 3.0 adapter because, you know, no one really has a USB 3.0 yet. Read More

  • Quick Look: ASUS GF73 laptop

    The GF73 isn’t much to write home about but it’s a nice little gaming machine. It’s styled after the Stealth Bomber, whatever that means. Read More

  • Quick Look: ASUS NX90

    The ASUS NX90 looks like a monster. It has a full sized keyboard surrounded by a field of polished aluminum. There is no visible trackpad – just the metal – and you have another trackpad on the right side. The Band & Olufsen heritage is abundantly clear: this is a high end machine with quite a bit of class. Read More

  • Sanus now has a swivel head HDMI cable too

    Sanus is the latest cable company to out a swivel head HDMI cable. Its model only cost $50 for the 10-foot model though. ($30 for 2.5-foot & $40 for 5-foot) Trust me, you want this if you’re hanging your new flat screen on a wall. Available at Best Buy and other sources online. (ST. PAUL, Minn.)—Sanus Systems®, the leading global brand of audio/video mounts, furnishings… Read More

  • Live at the CES10 Asus Event

    We’re now live at the ASUS event at CES10. Right now the CEO is just talking about the current financial climate. Please hold. 1:45PM – ASUS won 3,000 awards including a reddot design award.
    1:47PM – Still talking about awards.
    1:48PM – OK. New stuff. Read More

  • Cobra brings touchscreens to its radar detector line

    Here’s the skinny: The new Cobra XRS 9970G and XRS 9965 both feature a 1.5-inch full color touchscreen. Neat, eh? No more random buttons to press while you’re probably speeding. Too bad that some dude’s fingers are essentially 1.5-inch thick sausages. Read More

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