Interview: Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of Gran Turismo
You may have caught our interview with Yamauchi-san as it streamed live (about 40 minutes in) on Saturday, but for your convenience I’ve pared it down and added in our non-live footage. At 24 minutes it’s quite a long interview (so no transcription ready yet, though I’ll add one eventually) but an interesting one. Among other things, we talked about his approach to development, some favorite games from earlier eras, and the effect of casual gaming on the industry. Yamauchi-san seemed to be the kind of guy who knows exactly what he’s doing at all times, and it shows, because his games are always among the most polished on the systems they appear on.

Enjoy the interview. Gran Turismo 5 hits the PS3 in Japan this March; no date is set yet for the US.