CES 2017

Unboxing six gadgets from CES 2017

I had a great time out here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas -- every once in a while I got to sneak away and walk around a little bit and check out the goodies. A little walking here, a little checking stuff

What is a smart mirror and why do so many companies think you want one?

CES 2017 wasn’t the year of the smart mirror – but it was hard to ignore the things lurking about around the edges of the show. The phenomenon has been around for a while now, mostly as concept or

France’s presidential front-runner François Fillon on French startups

French startups also attract French politicians. And that’s why France’s former Prime Minister and current presidential candidate François Fillon was there, trying to prove that he understands Fr

Hello Egg puts a friendly voice-powered cooking assistant in your kitchen

Alexa is going to at least own the living room, and there’s a good bet that it’s going to own the whole home. But that’s not stopping RnD64, a small company building a small little

I drove BMW’s prototype self-driving 5 series, and then it drove me

BMW had a story to tell at CES this year, a story of what our lives might look like when there’s more continuity between what we do at home and what we do in our cars, thanks to new features com

Two of Razer’s crazy concept laptops were stolen at CES and the company is offering a big reward

You don’t hear the words “industrial espionage” get tossed around too liberally at a show like CES. But Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan invoked them yesterday in a post about a pair of the company’s c

Check out the real world version of the Mercedes-Benz drone delivery van

At CES this year, Mercedes-Benz brought a polished, complete version of their drone delivery van to display, complete with drones nested up on the roof, and a working intelligent front LED display. Th

Delphi’s multi-layer display gives your car dashboard some depth

An in-car display is a terrible thing to waste, but Delphi’s new multi-layer dash screen technology could help automakers do something more interesting with all that in-car real estate. The info

Ford CEO Mark Fields on building mobility services, acquisitions and partnerships

Ford CEO Mark Fields was at CES this year, and I got some time to talk to him about what Ford’s doing with its Smart Mobility business, why it made sense to acquire Chariot, to partner with Amaz

Take a ride with us in a self-driving Audi Q7 using Nvidia autonomous tech

Nvidia had a strong showing overall at CES this year, but its most impressive demo had to be the self-driving vehicles it was showing off in a cordoned course built in a parking lot. The demo wasn&#82

At 50, CES is a show in transition

Most of the attendees I spoke with walked away a little underwhelmed, struggling to put together a solid list of the things that truly wowed them at this year’s show. Even a cab driver or two, in al

How Amazon and Nvidia won CES this year

This year’s CES displayed a pretty broad mix in terms of production areas, with plenty of representation for categories ranging from wearables, to health, to VR and beyond – but the clear win

Samsung’s Gear smartwatches finally get their iPhone app

Samsung’s CES presence was extremely light on mobile content this year, but the hardware giant did manage to sneak in a little bit of mobile news before the week was out. Yesterday, the company fina

August’s CEO on lock hacking and releasing hardware before it’s ready

And the winner of Hardware Battlefield 2017 is… Siren Care

These companies had a very special CES experience as they all pitched in front of multiple groups of judges on stage at the Sands Expo. The startups were competing for $50,000 and being named the winn

Beastgrip dramatically improves smartphone video quality with depth of field adapter

Smartphones are able to shoot astonishingly high quality video these days, but ultimately, the lenses and sensors built into your phone are too small to get a decent shallow depth of field effect. Bea

Smart toasters are here

My favorite thing, hands down, about the Griffin Connected Toaster is the slider on the app. On one side is an icon of a white piece of bread. On the other, is one that’s all black. Sure, a smart to

Aivia slaps a touchscreen on a slanted wireless speaker

Hugh Behroozy is obsessed with symmetry — so much so that they wanted his company’s name is even symmetric. And that’s why the Aivia, a combo subwoofer/speaker, is slanted — so it will

Proof will track your blood alcohol content with a wristband

Checking your blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer while out with some friends might just be a party trick — but if you really wanted to know it to figure out whether or not you should have ano

Wrist-mounted subwoofer Basslet announces pricing and shipping

Crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year, Lofelt's wrist-mountable subwoofer is shipping to its backers as we speak. Basslet will be available to order on February 7 for $199. I tried it out at CES and am
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