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TC Droidcast Episode 33: Wherein We Fix Project Ara

Our first Droidcast back in 2015 includes ample CES discussion, as well as first-hand accounts of Google’s Project Ara news from Kyle Russell. Darrell Etherington talks about the YotaPhone 2 dua

CES 2015: The Automaton Rolls On

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show was typical in one key regard: The best insights to be had at the event are those that appear when you look at its overall composition, rather than at any s

A Look Inside The World Of European Hardware Funding

Karolina Boladz is the COO of Zortrax, a 3D printer company in Poland. Her company grew out of a Kickstarter project that ballooned and is now in the running to be one of the largest and most popular

Some Of The Best Video From CES 2015

CES is a huge show. While we focused on Hardware Battlefield, in truth we covered miles of convention center and shot hours of film. And we want you to watch some of the best of it. While you can enjo

WeMo’s CES 2015 Lineup Prefaces Big Advances For Home Automation

Belkin’s WeMo home automation gadgets started off pretty modest in scope, but over the past few years they’ve launched more and more WeMo devices, first on their own and later with partner

Fitbit CEO James Park Talks About Wearables And The Apple Watch

Fitbit recently announced a new smart devices, the Surge and the Charge and took to CES to show just how cool they were. I got the chance to sit down with CEO James Park to talk wearables, heart rate

TechCrunch Is Live At CES 2015

We’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty. We’ve got Whosits and Whatsits, galore! You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty! You guys, I’m just going to be perfectly honest. I went h

TechCrunch Live From CES 2015 Day 2

CES 2015 continues, and we don’t rest until you feel like you’re actually here, bumping into bodies, smelling the body odor, and discovering the technology of tomorrow. We’ve roamed

Live With TechCrunch At CES 2015

Press day is over. The monster companies — <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2015/01/05/live-from-samsungs-ces-2015-press-conference/">Samsung</a>, <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2015/01/05/y

iGrow Hair-Growth Helmet Looks Cool, Feels Totally Not Real

Bald and/or balding folks, listen up! A new company called Apira Science is ready to use low-light therapy to make your hair grow, or soon, make your face more beautiful. Sounds unreal? I felt the sam

Sony Makes The SmartWatch 3 Slicker, Opens Its Lifelog API And Debuts A Wearable Running Coach

Sony's SmartWear lineup is one of its key focal areas for mobile tech, and something that has grown in scope and ambition over the course of the past few CES events. This year it's introducing even mo

The New 3Doodler 2.0 Is A Streamlined Plastic Squirting Machine

When the first 3Doodler came out it was almost an instant hit. The pen-like plastic extruding system let anyone with a little creativity make fun 3D objects. Now the product just got better. The co

Live From Samsung’s CES 2015 Press Conference

Phones! TVs! Washing machines! Fridges! Tablets, probably! Samsung makes everything, and CES is the South Korean company’s version of Christmas morning. That said, we have an excessive team of T

The Ring Is Real

It's been almost a year since Takuro Yoshida and his team <a target="_blank" href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1761670738/ring-shortcut-everything/posts">blew up Kickstarter</a> with the <a h

There’s A Connected Gaming Toothbrush At CES This Year, And I Don’t Want To Go

Sometimes a vacation is more curse then blessing – I’ve been largely away from email and Twitter for about five days now, and returning is less a breath a fresh air and more a deep inhalation

New “Shingled” Hard Drives Hold Terabytes For Pennies A Gig

While the last time most of us thought of shingles was when we were itchy in eighth grade, Seagate has been thinking of them as a way to store data. Called Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) Drives, Se