CanvasPop dips into first VC, taking $3.3M for growth and product dev

Print service CanvasPop has been making money inking photos onto all sorts of substrates, from canvas to cushions, for years. But the largely boostrapped Canada-based, 2009-founded company has just an

Now CanvasPop wants to turn your Prisma photos into wall art

Art photo filter app sensation Prisma, which only launched this summer but racked up more than 55 million downloads in a matter of weeks, has sparked a rush of other photo-processing apps all promisin

CanvasPop Lets Any Photo App Sell Framed Prints To Make Money

There are over 30,000 photo apps, and many are dying a slow death with little way to make money. CanvasPop is about to give developers a hot cash injection by letting them earn 30% on framed photo pri

InstaThis Prints Out Your Instagram Photos On Wood Or Acrylic

Printing out your Instagram photos isn't all that revolutionary. We've seen countless companies do this: <a target="_blank" href="">CanvasPop</a> puts your Instagrams on C

Got Facebook Pics? Transform Them Into Wall Art With CanvasPop

If ever there was a meeting ground between your decorative tastes and your virtual self, it would be <a href="">CanvasPop</a>. T

CanvasPop: Print Your Photos On Canvas

<img src="">This past <a href="">photo week</a> I wanted to take a closer look at som