Got Facebook Pics? Transform Them Into Wall Art With CanvasPop

If ever there was a meeting ground between your decorative tastes and your virtual self, it would be CanvasPop. The service lets you upload photos, even those taken with a cameraphone, and blows them up onto canvas to hang in your home.

It’s pretty nifty to say the least, though until today the fun was limited to uploads and Instagram photos. But CanvasPop is ready to go big, thus introducing the option to blow up and print out Facebook photos.

The truth of the matter is, we rarely ever see the photos we treasure most in any greater size than a few thousand pixels. CanvasPop changes that, taking your favorite shots that may have always remained virtual and bringing them into the real world.

And don’t worry if the picture you want to CanvasPop happens to be small and pixelated. CanvasPop specializes in image upsizing, as proven by its history enlarging Instagram photos for users over the past six months.

But CanvasPop is about more than just putting your pictures on canvas — the service centers around artistic photography. That said, the site will let you choose between various filters (not unlike what you’d see on Instagram) before printing them out.

CanvasPop offers sizes anywhere from 8 x 10 to 24 x 72 with prices ranging from $30 to $419.