• Help This Entrepreneur Decide Between Harvard And His Startups (Vote Here)

    Help This Entrepreneur Decide Between Harvard And His Startups (Vote Here)

    Sometimes, when faced with an important decision, flipping a coin to let chance determine the outcome just won’t do. Instead, when life brings us to a crossroads, where two paths diverge and both seem equally walkable, we most often turn to family, friends, and trusted advisors to help us face facts and make the best choice. Or some more cavalier among us might opt for the… Read More

  • CollegeBudget Brings Daily Deals And Group Buying To Campuses

    CollegeBudget Brings Daily Deals And Group Buying To Campuses

    I think it’s safe to say that Facebook is the leader when it comes to collegiate and high school social networking. I expect that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. When it comes to meeting people at college, beer is always a good choice, or there’s Facebook, or some may now prefer LikeALittle. While social networking is essential on any campus, there are also a few… Read More

  • The Facebook Verified App Saga Ends Tomorrow

    For the last six months, you may have noticed that some of your favorite apps on Facebook Platform carried a special badge deeming them to be “Facebook Verified”. These apps “passed Facebook’s review for trustworthy user experiences”, and were given both greater exposure in the App Directory and less restrictive limits on the number of messages they could send… Read More

  • CampusBuddy Gets A Facelift And More Social Skills In Time For The New School Year

    For millions of students across the country summer is coming to a close, and CampusBuddy, a Facebook application and web portal that focuses on school courses and grades, is looking to capitalize on the Back-To-School rush. Today the site is launching a totally revamped homepage and Facebook application, a new text book search engine, and a number of new social features that it hopes will… Read More

  • CampusBuddy Hands Over Campus Grading Records To Students

    For many students, the academic portion of college consists of a four (or more) year quest to find the easiest professors on campus. College may be a time to learn new things, but graduate schools don’t tend to care how much you’ve broadened your horizons – to them, GPA and test scores are all that matter. There have been a number of popular sites that ask students to… Read More