How To Win A U.S. Election With Digital Marketing

Marketing is the art of creating awareness, forming impressions, persuasion and leading an audience of individuals to take a specific requested action. While marketing is generally used for products o

Kickstarter Reportedly Owns Indiegogo With Around 6X More Total Dollars Raised, Average Success Rate Much Higher

Indiegogo seems to always play second fiddle to Kickstarter, despite the fact that it was on the crowdfund scene first, and now someone's done the math to figure out exactly how the two compare. Freel

Social Fundraising Site Fundly Raises $2 Million of its Own

<img src="" />Today, social fundraising platform <a target="_blank" href="">Fundly</a> announced that it had closed

Video: Panasonic's Cool Augmented Reality-Powered Promo Campaign

<img src="" /> For quite a few people, Augmented Reality (AR) is just a fad that will be over rather sooner than later. Things are