• Gilt Groupe Reportedly Acquiring BuyWithMe

    Gilt Groupe Reportedly Acquiring BuyWithMe

    Flash sales giant Gilt Groupe is acquiring the troubled daily deals startup BuyWithMe, which recently saw over half its staff laid off after the company failed to raise the funding it needed to survive. Beginning November 1st, BuyWithMe will officially become a part of Gilt, according to a report from BetaBeat, which has been covering the BuyWithMe saga for the past couple of weeks. Read More

  • Daily Deals Startup BuyWithMe Laying Off Half Its Workforce

    Daily Deals Startup BuyWithMe Laying Off Half Its Workforce

    BuyWithMe, a daily deals startup that had been acquiring companies right and left this year, appears to be going under. The startup has failed to find funding and is now laying off half its workforce. CEO Jim Crowley announced yesterday that at least 100 people will be let go today unless the company finds a last minute buyer. Read More

  • In Its Sixth Acquisition This Year, Group Buying Site BuyWithMe Scoops Up TownHog

    In Its Sixth Acquisition This Year, Group Buying Site BuyWithMe Scoops Up TownHog

    BuyWithMe, which rivals group buying / daily deal sites LivingSocial and Groupon in the United States, has been busy this year. The company this morning announced its sixth acquisition for 2011, scooping up San Francisco-based TownHog. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Read More

  • Group Buying Site BuyWithMe Snags EVP Away From AOL

    Group Buying Site BuyWithMe Snags EVP Away From AOL

    Our parent company AOL is having a rough time making money from Patch, its rapidly expanding network of local news sites, and that’s not its only problem. Today, group buying website BuyWithMe announced that it has recruited Charlie Gray, formerly Executive Vice President at Patch, as its new ‘Chief People Officer’. BuyWithMe, which rivals the likes of Groupon and LivingSocial… Read More

  • BuyWithMe Acquires Card-Linked Loyalty Company Edhance

    BuyWithMe Acquires Card-Linked Loyalty Company Edhance

    A PR rep tells us Groupon and LivingSocial challenger BuyWithMe has acquired Edhance, which operates one of the largest student rewards program in the United States. Terms of the deal, which will be announced some time this morning, were not disclosed. The news comes on the heels of our report on Groupon buying Zappedy, which also helps merchants to better understand and retain customers… Read More

  • Foursquare’s New Deal Partnerships Are No Big Deal

    Foursquare’s New Deal Partnerships Are No Big Deal

    Foursquare this morning announced distribution partnerships with daily deal providers LivingSocial, Gilt City, zozi, BuyWithMe and AT&T. Missing from the list are Groupon, Yelp and Google Offers. With these deals, Foursquare is attempting to solve two problems: liquidity in deals and its own lack of a revenue model. Read More

  • BuyWithMe Buys San Francisco Daily Deal Site Groop Swoop

    On the heels of its recent acquisition of DealADayOnline in Chicago, BuyWithMe today announced that it has acquired Groop Swoop, a social commerce company focused on San Francisco. BuyWithMe rivals Groupon and LivingSocial in the United States, and currently offers daily deals in 13 cities nationwide. Read More

  • BuyWithMe Buys Chicago Daily Deal Site DealADayOnline

    Groupon rival BuyWithMe has acquired a daily deal site in the former’s home turf, Chicago, in order to expand its regional offering. With the acquisition of the group buying site, DealADayOnline (DADO), BuyWithMe will offer daily deals in 13 major cities across the United States. Read More

  • BuyWithMe, The Other Groupon Rival, Appoints New CEO

    BuyWithMe, the group buying site that competes with Groupon and LivingSocial in the United States, has appointed a new CEO after the former (Cheryl Rosner) abruptly left the company last December after only 8 months on the job. The new chief exec of the social commerce startup is Jim Crowley, the former President and CEO of Turbine, the developer of massively multiplayer online games that… Read More

  • After Failing To Acquire Groupon, Google Said To Be Sniffing Around Smaller Rivals

    Google wants to be in the online group buying space, badly, and with good reason. The company may have not succeeded in purchasing the current leader in the space, Groupon, which has spurned a $6 billion buy-out offer in a bid to stay independent and shoot for the stars, but it seems determined to get in on the action – through acquisition – regardless. According a report from the… Read More

  • Deals Galore, Competitors Abound: A Primer On Groupon-Like Startups

    Lately, group-buying sites and other companies that use discount-deals as the core of their business have become a red-hot trend, with Groupon spreading through cities around the world at a frantic pace and countless competitors and clones trying to catch some of the spotlight. Perhaps the reason for the sites’ traction is that the group-buying model is easy to understand. For those… Read More

  • Techcrunch TV: Investor Jeff Clavier, CloudCrowd CEO Debate Apple's China Strategy, Twitter's Earlybird

    On today’s episode of TechCrunch NOW, investor Jeff Clavier and CloudCrowd founder, Alex Edelstein, joined us to discuss Apple’s ambitious plans for China, BuyWithMe’s new round of funding, and Twitter’s latest product, Earlybird. Aside from Steve Jobs’ world domination plans, we focused on the hyper active daily deal market. Jeff Clavier, who has invested in… Read More

  • With A Fresh $16 Million Round, BuyWithMe Plans To Expand To 20 Cities

    With A Fresh $16 Million Round, BuyWithMe Plans To Expand To 20 Cities

    A lot of venture money is chasing social commerce startups right now because group buying sites are chasing a lot of money (in the form of consumer spending). Groupon kicked things off with its $135 million mega-round last April. LivingSocial has raised $49 million so far. And now BuyWithMe just closed a $16 million B round led by Bain Capital Ventures, bringing its total raised to $21.5… Read More

  • LowerMyBills And DailyStrength Founders Launch The DailyD To Round Up Group Deals

    The group buying craze is now officially in overdrive. There are so many group buying sites—Groupon, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, SocialBuy—that it is hard to know where to go for the best deals. Enter the DailyD, a new site that just launched today which pulls together all the deals for a city in one site and sends out a daily email as well. The founders of the DailyD are Matt… Read More

  • A TC Teardown: What Makes Groupon Tick

    A TC Teardown: What Makes Groupon Tick

    Editor’s note: Group buying sites are growing like mushrooms. In this teardown, guest author Steven Carpenter goes through a detailed teardown of the largest social commerce site, Groupon, and its competitors to see what exactly is going on here. Much has been written about the rapid growth and success of Chicago-based local daily deal company, Groupon. And it is for good reason. No… Read More