Besties IBM and Box create a workflow tool for regular folks

When Box praised its partnership with IBM at its earnings call last week, it was holding one card close the vest. The two companies had been working on a new workflow tool, and today they announced

Effektif Brings Workflows To The Cloud With An IFTTT-Like Service For The Enterprise

Effektif wants to do for the enterprise what IFTTT has done for the consumer web – automate workflows through a cloud-based service, but one designed instead to integrate with business level too

Questetra Helps Managing Business Processes Via The Web, Supports Google Apps

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/questetra_logo.png" /> Which employee does what, when, how and with which tools? That's a critical question for many companies, which usually

Oots Oots Oots: You Gotta Believe the Equalizer BPM Helps You Raise The Roof

Hey, funboys! Get a room! And while you’re at it, get an Equalizer BPM watch from Tokyoflash. This watch measures the audible BPM of any sound source — they’re saying it works as a h