• SHOWTIME Boxing Steps Into The Virtual Reality Ring

    SHOWTIME Boxing Steps Into The Virtual Reality Ring

    These VR moments are really picking up steam, with sports leading the way. It seems like everyone and their uncle are racing to shoot 360 degree immersive video to show off virtual reality as a viable platform. The latest is SHOWTIME, and they’d like you to watch WBA Middleweight World Champion Daniel Jacobs fight Peter Quillin in VR…for free. Here’s how SHOWTIME sets up… Read More

  • Wrestling and boxing gong-shaped alarm clocks test your reaction time

    Japan and its alarm clocks. We just blogged the bizarre Clockman on Monday, but major Japanese toy maker Banpresto‘s two new models aren’t too normal either. The company has designed alarm clocks using wrestling and boxing gongs as the design motif. The idea actually kind of makes sense but is cruel at the same time. Read More

  • So EA Sports was right: Manny beats Miguel

    Short and to the point: Manny Pacquiao beat Miguel Cotto in round 12 on Saturday night via TKO. So EA Sports’ prediction was right in that Pacquiao won the fight. Read More

  • Fight Night Round 4 (and everyone else on planet earth) predicts a Pacquiao win

    I know something about MMA, but I know next to nothing about boxing. Yet even I can laugh about the latest EA Sports prediction, via Fight Night 4, that says that Manny Pacquiao will beat Miguel Cotto this weekend. I laugh because saying Pacquiao will win the fight is like saying the sun will rise in the morning. (Now watch Cotto knock out Pacquiao in the first.) Read More

  • Everlast's Wii boxing gloves have innovative ‘strap’ for ‘Wii remote’

    Everlast is cashing in on the Wii money train with a pair of $30 boxing gloves. The gloves have straps for the Wii remote. All you do is put your remote in there and punch away. If you already own a pair of boxing gloves—who doesn’t?—you can save yourself some money by whipping out the duct tape because there’s nothing here to make these gloves any different than… Read More

  • Return of the Little Mac: Punch-Out!! to the Wii in early 2009

    Here’s a little more info about Punch-Out!!, which Peter briefly touched upon earlier today. Those two exclamation points are part of the title, by the way – it’s Punch Out!!, which is exactly one exclamation point more exciting than search giant Yahoo!. Anyhoo, IGN is reporting that we can expect to see Little Mac and company in the early part of next year. The graphics… Read More

  • Mike Tyson to appear in EA's Fight Night Round 4

    You read that right, folks. The champ is back! A young Mike Tyson will be in EA’s fourth installment of their popular boxing game, Fight Night Round 4. I remember growing up and watching Tyson on HBO when he was in his prime. It was a sight to see and I still remember how fast he was. He was untouchable and then he got all crazy and drunk on power or high on coke. Can’t wait to… Read More

  • Don King invading your 360, Wii, DS in '08

    Oh boy! 2K Sports is announcing the arrival of Don King to the world of gaming today. It doesn’t seem to be your typical boxing game, though. Sure it has the career mode where you can train said boxer and all that, but throw in adversity, temptation and a few other distractions and you have Don King Presents: Prizefighter. Awesome. I can’t wait to see what sorts of temptations… Read More

  • It's on! Holyfield to take on Foreman with new grill!

    Of all the gadgets I own, one I absolutely cannot live without is my George Foreman Lean Green Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, aka the George Foreman Grill. It’s the butt of many jokes, sure, but ask anyone who’s got one, and they’ll agree that they love theirs. It’s been a huge success and made Foreman a ton of dough. One of Foreman’s old opponents is entering… Read More

  • Grown Man Boxes Little Girl, Loses (in Wii Boxing)

    There are few things that could tarnish your manhood more than being out-boxed by a little girl in glasses. I’m trying to think of something and I’m drawing blanks at the moment. There must be something, but it’s not coming to me. At any rate, I think watching the video goes to show just how well the Wii interpolate the gyroscopic data from the Wiimote and Nunchuck. A little… Read More