• Seculert Gets $5.35 Million Investment For Cloud-Based Botnet Detection Service

    Seculert Gets $5.35 Million Investment For Cloud-Based Botnet Detection Service

    Seculert announced a $5.35 million round of funding today led by Norwest Venture Partners for the Israeli company’s next generation advanced threat detection service. Seculert is s a software-as-a-service that detects back doors in your network. It finds malware attacks that have previously gone undetected. Read More

  • Researchers take over botnet, grab 56,000 passwords an hour

    Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, have published a report after taking over a massive botnet called Torpig aka Sinowal. The malware network was able to collect 56,000 passwords and hour as well as 70GB of financial and personal data. The researchers found that most users reused passwords for multiple sites and that the malware was able to steal credit card numbers… Read More

  • Shadow botnet puts itself out to pasture

    Two Dutch brothers are charged with operating the Shadow botnet, which infected upwards of 150,000 computers. After the botnet takedown was secured, The Dutch High Tech Crime Unit enlisted the help of Kaspersky Labs to help dismantle the network. The Russian lab not only wrote up instructions for removing Shadow, but used Shadow itself for notifying users that their computers were infected. Read More

  • Russian gang goes after network administrators

    The New York Times reported that a gang of Russian criminals has been using network admin software as part of a nefarious plot to hijack thousands of PCs for passwords and other personal information. The gang, first identified in May by Joe Stewart, director of malware at research firm SecureWorks, was found to be running a keystroke recording program siphoning information from more than… Read More