• Well-Funded Gaming Startup Booyah Confirms Layoffs And New CEO Brian Morrisroe As It Shifts Focus To Tablets

    Well-Funded Gaming Startup Booyah Confirms Layoffs And New CEO Brian Morrisroe As It Shifts Focus To Tablets

    It looks like some changes are afoot at Booyah, the location-based gaming company best known as the maker of the MyTown franchise. MyTown and MyTown 2 attempted to evolve the location-based check-in model in gaming, allowing users not only check into locations within a city-building sim, but also scan and check into products in the real world. Read More

  • Ustream, Booyah Co-founders Team Up On Stealth Startup With $1.5M From Greylock, Kevin Rose & More

    Ustream, Booyah Co-founders Team Up On Stealth Startup With $1.5M From Greylock, Kevin Rose & More

    Back in November, Ustream Co-founder and longtime CEO John Ham stepped down from the company he had helped found four and a half years earlier. His co-founder, Brad Hunstable, took the reins in his place. Ham continues to serve as chairman of Ustream’s board of directors and as an advisor to the company, but as Jason reported, his stepping down in November was an acknowledgement of… Read More

  • Meet Booyah's InCrowd, A Location-Based Second Life

    Booyah’s InCrowd, famously announced by founder Keith Lee at the Facebook Places launch event earlier this month, just hit the App store. InCrowd is the first of the inevitably many apps that will be built off the Facebook Places API and the only location-based app that has exclusive access to Facebook search. Touted as part game and part social utility, InCrowd is unique in the LBS space… Read More

  • Facebook Partnering With Gowalla And Foursquare For Places

    Facebook Partnering With Gowalla And Foursquare For Places

    Today at an event in Palo Alto, CA, Facebook unveiled its new Places product — essentially their check-in utility. Obviously, there has been a lot of talk about what this means for the current players like Foursquare and Gowalla. Well, Facebook is partnering with both of those guys. We hinted at this possibility a couple days ago. Representatives from both Gowalla and Foursquare were… Read More

  • Booyah's MyTown Hits 3.1 Million Users

    Booyah’s MyTown is still losing to Foursquare in the hype department, but frankly, I don’t think CEO Keith Lee really cares. MyTown is still adding users at an impressive clip. This Tuesday, the geo-location game hit 3.1 million users. The site has racked up 400 million check-ins in the last 6 months, or roughly 67 million check-ins per month on average. For comparison… Read More

  • Booyah's MyTown Launches Product Check-Ins

    Booyah’s MyTown Unlocks Product Check-Ins [Video]

    On Friday, Booyah’s MyTown unveiled a new software update that will let users check-in to physical, real world products. Booyah is not the first to come to market with the idea of checking into a product or activity— other services like Miso and Hot Potato allow users to check into a wide array of “products” like television shows, movies, and online… Read More

  • Booyah Partners With Google, First To Access Places Web Service

    Booyah unveiled a new partnership with Google at the I/O conference today, the creator of MyTown will be the “first and leading” partner of Google’s recently announced Places Web Service feature. “The new API affords lightning fast search for local directory content both in the US and abroad, further growing MyTown’s presence and Booyah’s leadership in… Read More

  • Booyah Raises $20 Million From Accel, Expects 6 Million Users By The End Of This Summer

    Booyah is the not-so-little location based engine that could. The company behind MyTown has raised $20 million in new funding from a group of investors led by Accel (current investors, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and DAG Ventures, also participated in this round). Accel’s Jim Breyer, a board member of Wal-Mart, Dell and Facebook, will join Booyah’s board. (According to… Read More

  • Booyah Hits 2 Million, Stealing Foursquare's Thunder

    Just a quick update on yesterday’s post on Booyah:
    While we were busy trying to guess the number of jellybeans in Foursquare’s jar, Booyah was quietly, but swiftly, amassing new users. Guess what, it just hit the 2 million mark. As I mentioned previously, the company was on track to gain roughly 500,000 users a month. MyTown reached the landmark on Monday night, a 100% gain from… Read More

  • Booyah Launches MyTown 3.1, Introduces Check-In Limits

    Foursquare should pay attention, Booyah’s got some serious legs. The geo-based gaming service is launching MyTown 3.1, the latest iteration of its increasingly popular iPhone app. The new version includes a check-in limit, add-ons to customize your property and accuracy indicators that will tell you when your friends are being less than truthful about their check-ins. Meanwhile, the… Read More

  • MyTown Hits 1.5 Million Location-Based Gamers; Ups The Social With Version 3.0

    MyTown Hits 1.5 Million Location-Based Gamers; Ups The Social With Version 3.0

    While Foursquare and Gowalla garner much of the buzz around location right now, Booyah’s MyTown continues to garner many of the actual users. In fact, the service has crossed 1.5 million users. And it’s gaining them at an incredible rate of 130,000 new users a week. Compare this to Foursquare, which during SXSW crossed 600,000 total users. And MyTown is showing no signs of… Read More

  • Apple Gets Location Fever Too In The App Store

    Apple Gets Location Fever Too In The App Store

    SXSW Interactive is now over. While a clear winner in the “Location War” has yet to be determined, the truth is that many of the location-based services won, as all of them got a huge amount of exposure over the past week. And look for that trend to continue in a big way, as Apple is now highlighting several of them in the App Store. As you can see in the images in this post, Apple… Read More

  • MyTown 2.0 Evolves The Gaming And Monetization Of Location

    Last week, we wrote about MyTown, an iPhone application created by Booyah already had 500,000 users. That was significant because the app, which is a location-based game, was already well ahead of rivals Foursquare and Gowalla in terms of users — and it gained all those in just one month. Today, brings an entirely new version of the app to the App Store, MyTown 2.0. With this new… Read More

  • Foursquare Who? Gowalla What? MyTown Has 500,000 Users And 31 Million Check-Ins

    The race to become the hot location-based gaming service is red hot right now. Foursquare and Gowalla dominate the headlines, but another iPhone app, MyTown, has managed to rocket past them in usage in a little over a month with little fanfare. Today, the service has some 500,000 users, co-founder Keith Lee tells us. That puts it far ahead of either of the two more well-covered apps. So how… Read More

  • Booyah Society: Level Up in Life! with your iPhone

    Keith wasn’t as boisterous during our second filming of the app as he was the first time. Hopefully you guys get the idea. So what is Booyah and what does it bring to the iPhone that no one else has done? Before we dive into that here’s a little background info on the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup. Founded by three former videogame industry vets from Blizzard, Activision and… Read More