Booyah's MyTown Hits 3.1 Million Users

Booyah’s MyTown is still losing to Foursquare in the hype department, but frankly, I don’t think CEO Keith Lee really cares.

MyTown is still adding users at an impressive clip. This Tuesday, the geo-location game hit 3.1 million users. The site has racked up 400 million check-ins in the last 6 months, or roughly 67 million check-ins per month on average. For comparison, Foursquare, which poignantly differs from MyTown by emphasizing social utility, is quickly closing the gap but currently stands at roughly 2.7 million users.

So what does Booyah’s MyTown nation look like? We have a handy check-in infographic that breaks it down by geographic location. The map below is a snapshot of MyTown’s July activity, with the dots representing check-ins. Logically, the higher the density, the greater number of check-ins. As shown in the image, Booyah is attracting significant activity from the Northeast (particularly near New York). In fact, there seems to be strong coverage across the Eastern section, only a sprinkling of users in the mid-section (with the exception of Colorado), and, as expected, a hubs of activity in the northern and southern sections of California near San Francisco and Los Angeles.

For a fun comparison, here’s a map of the actual density of the US:

Beyond traditional game mechanics, Booyah’s MyTown is also trying to increase engagement with the recent introduction of its product check-ins. With the product check-in, users can scan real-world products via barcodes for points and to unlock promotions from advertising partners. The feature, which launched in late July, is still in its infancy but it represents a major financial opportunity for Booyah, which, like Foursquare is rushing to bulk up its rolodex of advertising clients. The greatest hurdle here is not only expanding the user base but also getting users to actually check into products, en masse. So far, so good, Booyah recently registered 350,000 check-ins in one week.