• Sizem App Uses Novel Bra-Fitting Technique

    Exactly What It Sounds Like, Sizem Made A Fit Calculator To Find Your Correct Bra Size

    If you’re a lady, you’re probably well aware at this point that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. Which is a bummer, because as women’s magazines and lingerie companies will tell you, the right bra is like an unlimited month of pilates class for your boobs. Read More

  • Explicit category could bring sexy back to Apple's app store

    Another fire erupted amongst developers and consumers when Apple decided to pull the plug on apps that contained content of questionable nature. This isn’t the first time Apple has done this, but with the pulling of Wobble iBoobs from the app store came a surge of app killings and everyone said they’d had enough. Read More

  • Over 5000 apps stricken from the Apple app store, new rules in place

    Things just got a lot more wholesome in Apple’s app store as a boat load of apps were just banned, and new rules for future apps have been put into place. Bring on the lynch mob! Read More

  • Wobble iBoobs jiggles its way out of the Apple app store

    It’s no surprise that Apple’s approval and rejection process for iPhone apps can be completely arbitrary and often asinine. Take Wobble iBoobs, for instance: the application has been on the market for several months and has even earned about $300,000 in sales, but after Apple “recently received numerous complaints” from customers, the app was pulled. The best part? This… Read More

  • Boob-powered mouse and mouse pad

    I know this is silly but it’s a rather slow day in East Asia (forgive me): I just accidentally stumbled upon this “special” mouse and mouse pad set [JP], which is unfortunately Japan-only (as was the golfing mouse pad and the one for gropers). What can I say, the mouse buttons are shaped like boobs and the hand rest on the mouse pad is cleverly formed like a pair of… Read More

  • BengalBoy is back with the SEX1

    WARNING: Do not ingest self-tanner. I haven’t seen a BengalBoy post in almost a year and for a minute I had all but forgotten about our soft-core brother from another Best Buy who gets brand new, unreleased phones and then makes strange women hold them in bikinis. Lucky for us, BB got himself the Sony Ericsson X1, the phone we call “Lipstick on a Pig” for it’s melding… Read More

  • Age of Conan patch shrinks characters' boobs, chances of ever seeing them in real life

    Straight from the “Time to Leave Mom’s Basement” files comes the story of the shrinking boobs of Age of Conan. Funcom, developer of the popular new game, released a minor patch for the it recently. While the patch did some fairly mundane maintenance on the game, it had one unintended side effect: the breasts of some female characters shrank noticeably. This, of course… Read More

  • Soul Calibur hides the boobies

    Folks, when you’re going to get into a St. Stephen pose and show your tatas, let’s do it with some class. This is America, after all, and the Japanese cleavage shown on the left just won’t fly. For those not in the know, the left version is on the Japanese website for Namco Bandai and the right is on the American site. Incidentally, Puritans founded this nation over two… Read More

  • The boldest PR pitch of the day OR something to wake you up this morning

    I’m going to post this in its entirety as an example of either the greatest pitch in the world or the mad ramblings of an insufficiently breast-fed misogynist. I’ll let you all decide. Hello, Please find a link for a submission to your blog. I have also attached
    an image. It is called Boob Art Canvas and is SFW. kind regards
    Read More

  • Video: 99 words for boobs – Watch more free videos Robert Lund is my hero. Read More

  • Nudar: locate boobs with your GPS

    This is honestly the stupidest thing I’ve ever come across, but it’s actually really, really cool. I’m not big on strip clubs because I think it’s a waste of money to go home with blue balls, but a lot of co-eds pay their way through college thanks to dirty old men and nerdy guys like us. If you’re new to the city you’re currently inhabiting or… Read More

  • Because Your Wife Left You: Hot Virtual Chicks

    Gamerhelp really is one classy website. In true VV fashion, they’ve put together a list of virtual chicks they’d like to “bone”. The list is 25 deep and starts off with none other than Christie from the infamous Dead or Alive series. You know, the one where you fight with big-breasted women in destructible arenas. It’s all good until you check out #23, who is… Read More

  • iPhone Usage Warrants 300-page Bill

    Well, isn’t this a kick in the pants? I haven’t seen a physical phone bill in years since I switched to e-billing, but the video above was too funny not to mention here at the Gear and Justine is, how you say, hot. Most of you aren’t making 30k texts a month, but if you are one to take advantage of that unlimited plan then take heed and think twice about sending out your… Read More

  • DOA Trailer, Annie Hall it Wasn't

    I can’t stop giggling over this trailer. I know it’s a year old, but it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today and who doesn’t want to see scantily clad babes jumping around? Jaime Pressley makes one fine Tina Armstong doesn’t she? Did anyone see this movie? Read More

  • LG Colorholic Does Something, No One Cares

    LG is launching a new line of mobile phones geared towards women in 14 different colors. The Colorholic is a slider with the usual suite of applications like an appointment book, text-to-speech messaging and an MP3 player. I really think LG nailed this one with the wide variety of colors because girls love it when everything matches. Wait. Who am I kidding? No one here cares about the phone. Read More

  • 3.5 Reasons Why The Interweb Gets You No Play – Watch more free videos The lovely Miss Brooke Marks in all her infinite wisdom is here to help you score with chicks online. Adhere to her rules and you’ll be out of your parents’ basement in no time. That, or you’ll just be spankin’ the monkey as usual. Chicks don’t dig glitter flowers, tool. Read More

  • Suicide Girls Get iPhoned

    Oh geez, oh geez. It’s no secret that I love girls and that I love tattoos, so when you put the two together, I’m in heaven. SuicideGirls have been around for a few years tantalizing us with hot girls with even hotter tattoos and piercings. I just wish they hadn’t made wallpapers for just the iPhone. It really bums me out, but those of you with tattooed-girl fetishes and… Read More

  • SureFire Titan Flashlight

    The SureFire Titan is an LED flashlight that packs a blinding wallop. This tiny device features a variable-output LED that allows you to select light inputs between one and 30 lumens. To top that off, it is housed within a fine looking titanium canister. At least I think it’s fine looking. Maybe I’m distracted. Available now for the low, low price of $500. Product Page [via Uncrate] Read More

  • Winerack Wisecracks: Booze + Boobs = Sharing Genius

    Some of you girls out there wish you had larger boobs. We know this, we’ve dated somewhere around 84 of you. Some of you also like to drink booze, even places you aren’t supposed to. We’ve dated you, too. If you’re a little of column A and a little of column B, we have the Winerack. It’s a black bra with sewn-in bladders for wine, beer, vodka, Jager, you name… Read More

  • HD DVD Becomes Legitimate

    Well it was only a matter of time, but HD DVD porn has made it’s debut. An aptly named studio called GLAY’z will be releasing a Japanese title that apparently translates to “Slave Room,” but my Japanese is rusty (aka nonexistent). Judging from the NSFW cover though, the name seems appropriate enough. So now that porn is available on both HD DVD and Blu-ray, I guess we… Read More