Exactly What It Sounds Like, Sizem Made A Fit Calculator To Find Your Correct Bra Size

If you’re a lady, you’re probably well aware at this point that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. Which is a bummer, because as womens’ magazines and lingerie companies will tell you, the right bra is like an unlimited month of Pilates classes for your boobs.

A Croatian startup called Sizem has created a size calculator to remedy this problem, using a series of measurements taken by the user with a tailor’s tape. It basically asks you to take stock of your girls from every angle possible: measuring on a full inhale, for instance, and after a deep exhale. At the end of this process, Sizem’s algorithm should be able to determine your true size across multiple brands.

Sizem is both a consumer facing and B2B product. While shoppers can use Sizem as a search engine, the startup is marketing itself to brands as a SaaS product that can aid in production.

By the way, Sizem site also posits that most women don’t know how to put on a bra properly and has a playbook for that as well. It’s called the “Scoop and Swoop” method. We’ll leave it at that.

There are a growing number of players in this space, which is probably a good thing since few people really enjoy getting measured by a Victoria’s Secret employee next to the table of 5 for $26 underwear. Another app, ThirdLove, uses two selfies taken from the front and the side to render your chest in 3D. The well-trodden True & Co, meanwhile, takes a more qualitative approach to fit through a quick quiz and home try-ons.

Sizem’s process is a bit more involved than either of those, but it quantifies everyday movement in a way that other startups don’t. Of course, that’s assuming that the user is taking her measurements correctly and that the algorithm is good in the first place. But as far as fit calculators go, it’s noninvasive, private, and, hopefully, a step in the right direction when it comes to conquering bad bras once and for all.