Ethereum NFT marketplace passes $1B in volume for first time since May as the creator royalties war heats up

The NFT market may be finding its footing again as the market on the Ethereum blockchain surpassed $1 billion for the first time since May 2022.

Microsoft Teams gets bokeh and meeting recordings with transcripts

If you’ve ever attended a video meeting and wished that the speakers used really expensive cameras and lenses that allowed for that soft classy background blur of a portrait photo, then Microsof

YouTube Now Lets You Blur Random Objects In Videos

Back in 2012, YouTube added a new feature that allows you to automatically blur all faces in a video. Today, it's going a step further. You can now draw a rectangle around any object in a video, and Y

Visual Anonymity: YouTube Now Lets You Blur Faces With One Click

YouTube today <a target="_blank" href="">launched</a> a new feature that allows its users to easily blur the faces of

Motorola CLIQ update hits this week with touchscreen and GPS updates

Hurrah for updates! Nothing can give your aging phone a fresh feeling like an update can, and CLIQ users can get excited about that this week. Is this the big update that we mentioned last week? Perha

Motorola DEVOUR recently announced and already getting fondled

Well that didn’t take too long at all. Just this morning, the Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR was announced, and now in-the-wild pics and hands on impressions are surfacing on the web. Pictured ne

Video: Motorola's MotoBlur ported to a HTC G1

<img src="">Hey, hey. This hack will probably make more than a few <a href="">G1</a> owners giddy. App