blu-ray recorder

  • Pioneer outs the first 12x Blu-ray writer

    Behold, the Pioneer BDR-205! Thrill to the 12x write speeds on double layer Blu-ray media! Marvel at the 50Gbytes of storage capacity! Be amazed by the low, low price of $250 United States dollars! Click on through to read the entire exciting press release! Read More

  • Sony Japan announces 5 new Blu-ray recorder/HDD combos

    The flood of video recording devices coming out of Japan doesn’t want to end. Today Sony unveiled five Blu-ray recorders with built-in HDDs [JP] for the Japanese market, and one of them has a 2 TB HDD. Sony says they tried to focus especially on usability and design with these machines. Read More

  • Sony Japan introduces Blu-ray recorders with VOD function

    Sony today announced two new Blu-ray and HDD recorders for the Japanese market that feature a VOD function [JP]. The BDZ-A750 and the BDZ-A950 are Japan-only. Owners of a PSP or a Sony DAP can connect their devices to the recorders via USB to download and view content on their portables later. Read More

  • Sweet-looking external Blu-Ray multi-drive for Macs

    Is this a sweet-looking doodad or what? Blu-Ray recording just got a lot sexier. I don’t think it’s, well, real yet, but it’s real enough that it has a price ($289 for a player, $389 for a recorder) and a weight (360g). I’m surprised they can make it so compact, but then again I’m completely ignorant of the engineering — and of course there’s no… Read More

  • Sony Japan rolls out 8 new Blu-ray recorders/players with new upscaling technology

    Sony Japan held a press conference today in Tokyo to unveil a total of 6 new Blu-ray recorders [JP] and 2 Blu-ray players [JP], which will become available in Nippon in the next few weeks (no word about markets outside Japan yet). 7 of these 8 models are equipped with Sony’s new CREAS chip, which upscales 8/10-bit TVs to 14-bit through SBMV (Super Bit Mapping for Video). First, the… Read More

  • Panasonic launching four new Blu-ray recorders, including VHS-to-Blu-ray model

    Blu-ray set-top recorders, and DVD recorders for that matter, have never really caught on in the States. Most users here seem satisfied with hard-drive based recorders and don’t want to deal with a portable media. Japan AV-types scoop up these recorders though, and Panasonic is launching four new models aimed right at their home turf. We aren’t going to dive in, and run… Read More

  • Mitsubishi showcases super-thin LCD TV

    Mitsubishi Electric yesterday unveiled a prototype LCD TV [JP], which is just 40mm thick. The company said it’s “REAL” TV is full HD but didn’t reveal any details regarding screen size, price and technical features. Mitsubishi separated the display from the tuner and integrated wireless transmission units into both devices, which are able to transmit uncompressed full… Read More

  • Hitachi Japan presents two new Blu-ray products

    Hitachi plans to sell two new Blu-ray devices in Japan. Both the DV-BH250 Blu-ray recorder and the DZ-WR90 Blu-ray burner will be in stores in July. The DZ-BH250 is the first Blu-rayer recorder from Hitachi. It comes with a 250GB HDD and a BR-RE, BR-R and DVD multi-drive. Hitachi says it is possible to record up to 93 hours of video in full HD on the hard disc. The MSRP for the recorder… Read More