Hitachi Japan presents two new Blu-ray products

Hitachi plans to sell two new Blu-ray devices in Japan. Both the DV-BH250 Blu-ray recorder and the DZ-WR90 Blu-ray burner will be in stores in July.

The DZ-BH250 is the first Blu-rayer recorder from Hitachi. It comes with a 250GB HDD and a BR-RE, BR-R and DVD multi-drive. Hitachi says it is possible to record up to 93 hours of video in full HD on the hard disc. The MSRP for the recorder is $1,600.

The DZ-WR90 stand-alone Blu-ray burner will be available in Japan in the middle of July for an MSRP of $680. The device makes it possible to copy HD video from camcorders equipped with eSata ports directly on Blu-ray discs. A PC is not needed.

Footage can be recorded in full HD or 1440×1080. Hitachi claims a Blu-ray disc will store up to 3 hours of video in full HD while 90 minutes is the maximum recording time for DVD-R (in 720×480).