UK Libel Law Is Out Of Control. We Know From Experience.

<img src="" width="157" height="200" />The UK is coming under increasing fire for its out-of-control libel laws. And the consequenc

Blog Network MyKinda To Shut Down Today

I just got word from MyKinda founder Lee Wilkins that he plans to shutdown the Eastern European blog network later today. The network launched just last September and was being bootstrapped. Earlier t

Blog Network MyKinda May Be Pulling A BlogNation – Writers Going Unpaid

Anyone who watched the BlogNation implosion last year certainly doesn’t want to see a rerun of that particular debacle. But there are worrying signs coming from Romania-based blog network MyKind

Blognation May Rise From The Ashes

When Oliver Starr (former MobileCrunch writer) attacked employer Sam Sethi (former TechCrunch UK writer), the person who currently controls Blognation, in a 3,000 word diatribe, a lot of people came t

Blognation Meltdown: Writers Never Paid, Promises Not Kept

There’s big trouble over at the UK based BlogNation network today with US editor Oliver Starr resigning. In a parting shot to network owner Sam Sethi, Starr alleges that he and other BlogNation

MyKinda, Blog Network For Eastern Europe, Launches Amid Serious Drama

Lee Wilkins, a British entrepreneur living in Romania, soft launched a new eastern-European blog network this morning called MyKinda. The network currently has blogs in just Romania, Bulgaria and Russ