Crypto wallet and exchange company raises $300 million at $5.2 billion valuation

As Coinbase is about to go public in the U.S., another cryptocurrency company is having a blockbuster first quarter of 2021., the company behind a popular cryptocurrency wallet, an exch

Crypto wallet and exchange company raises $120 million has announced that it has raised a $120 million funding round. The company develops a popular cryptocurrency wallet as well as an exchange, an explorer and more. Moore Strategic Venture

Blockchain open sources Thunder network, paving the way for instant bitcoin transactions

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Is Back In The Apple App Store

Since Apple pulled Bitcoin wallets from the App Store in January, cryptocurrency fans have been at once calling for the ban to be rescinded and bad-mouthing Cupertino. Now, seven months later, Apple h

Blockchain Releases New Android Wallet App To Put Bitcoin Into Everyone’s Hands

Popular bitcoin wallet provider <a target="_blank" href=""></a> is releasing a major new version of its <a target="_blank" href="

Don’t Trust Bitcoin Startups That Centralize Everything

Peter Smith of and Susan Athey of Stanford University took the stage at Disrupt NY to update everyone on the state of bitcoin. In the last few months, Mt.Gox collapsed, bitcoin has los Is Now An Educational Page For BTC Noobs

In an interesting move, the owner of <a target="_blank" href=""></a> has moved the domain to point to a special bitcoin landing page that features access to some very basi