Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Is Back In The Apple App Store

Since Apple pulled Bitcoin wallets from the App Store in January, cryptocurrency fans have been at once calling for the ban to be rescinded and bad-mouthing Cupertino. Now, seven months later, Apple has decided to allow to publish their app, a very basic – but useful – bitcoin app that securely connects to your wallet and allows you to send and receive bitcoin on the go.

“This signals a major shift for Apple — they are embracing digital currency development. It is also a pivotal moment for Bitcoin in general. This telegraphs from the world’s leading consumer technology company they are ready for Bitcoin,” said Nicolas Cary of the Blockchain team.

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The app allows you to create a new wallet right on the phone or connect to your current wallet via a QR code. When you fire up the app for the first time, you’re prompted to pair your device with All of your transactions are immediately available and you can send BTC to another wallet by shooting the QR code for your recipient or keying in a wallet address.

The app is protected by a PIN that you must enter before accessing your coins.

Apple began looking more favorably at cryptocurrencies after the WWDC in June. Apple removed the apps originally due to an “unresolved issue” which, as expected, the company did not elaborate on. is the first bitcoin wallet on the app store and will be adding new features including a “bitcoin map” of merchants who accept bitcoin.

Given that services like PayPal and banking apps are available on iOS, it was hard to fathom why Apple pulled the apps. To hear bitcoin fans talk about it, however, a great injustice has been reversed.