• Blockbuster shouts, "Me too!" with plans to release movie-streaming set-top box

    This is the perfect time for Blockbuster to jump into the niche market of video streaming devices – seriously. We already have TiVo, Vudu, Roku, LG Blu-ray player, Samsung Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Dish Network and cable’s On-Demand service (miss any?) so why not add another option for consumers. Blockbuster is looking to pop-out a similar streaming set-top box as soon… Read More

  • Blockbuster backs out of Circuit City buy

    Blockbuster has withdrawn its bid to acquire Circuit City. Jim Keyes, Blockbuster Chairman and CEO, said the company’s decision was based on market conditions and the completion of “initial due diligence,” but said that he hasn’t given up on the dream of “a consumer retail proposition” that would marry content and devices “under one brand.” Read More

  • Blockbuster to launch in-store movie download service

    Blockbuster will deploy an in-store download service in the coming months. The program, initially available only in Dallas, will let consumers download movies onto a portable device in, as Blockbuster’s CEO James Keyes hopes, under 30 seconds. So far, only Archos-made portable media players are compatible with the as-yet unnamed service. No details regarding what movie studios have… Read More

  • Blockbuster getting into the gaming business

    It probably looks like this.
    Today, Blockbuster announced that they will be expanding their gaming portfolio by adding more titles for all platforms as well as selling hardware and accessories throughout their locations. That’s a great idea, had they done it years ago. There are places called Game Stop that cater specifically to gamers, Blockbuster. Maybe you missed that memo. To entice… Read More

  • First Facebook Beacon Lawsuit Hits Blockbuster

    As if Blockbuster didn’t have enough problems trying to justify its existence by making an ill-conceived buyout offer for Circuit City. Now, it is being sued for privacy violations related to its Beacon ads on Facebook. And, no, the plaintiff is not Michael, although he did once point out that the way Blockbuster used the names and images of Facebook members without permission to hawk… Read More

  • So, Blockbuster wants to buy Circuit City

    Blockbuster has just made a bid for Circuit City, effectively offering shareholders double what their shares are worth. The $6 to $8 bid (Circuit City stopped trading at $3.90 last week) hasn’t just confused me, but real life retail analysts. Said one, “It’s an odd move… Synergies between a video store and an electronics store aren’t that obvious.” I agree. Read More

  • Blockbuster offers Blu-Ray

    Blockbuster (you remember them, right?) has announced that it plans to make Blu-ray disks available for rent in almost all of their stores in the US and Canada. That’s about 5,000 stores, up from a previous 1,700 stores. In addition to offering Blu-ray in stores, Blockbuster has begun to let subscribers of their by-mail rental service choose a preference of Blu-ray disk over standard DVD. Read More

  • Blockbuster set to announce streaming set-top box

    Hey what’s another box underneath your TV, right? Especially when it’s got movies streaming directly from Movielink and Blockbuster, yeah? According to Reuters, Blockbuster “is developing a set-top device for streaming films directly to TV sets and is expected to announce the offering sometime this month.” So we’ll have another Vudu-like hardware box just for… Read More

  • Blockbuster Goes All Vudu With Plans For Its Own Set-Top Box

    From Doug Aamoth at CrunchGear: Hey what’s another box underneath your TV, right? Especially when it’s got movies streaming directly from Movielink and Blockbuster, yeah? According to Reuters, Blockbuster “is developing a set-top device for streaming films directly to TV sets and is expected to announce the offering sometime this month.” So we’ll have another… Read More

  • Digital Downloads Are Not About To Kill Blu-Ray

    With Toshiba’s announcement that it is to cease manufacture of HD DVD players, the High-Definition format wars are now over. With Blu-Ray left standing, some, such as Rob Beschizza at Wired are now saying that digital downloads will now kill Blu-Ray. It’s an argument I want to support and many of you reading this will feel is a sound one, but it’s not going to happen… Read More

  • Paramount, MTV forego theaters stream "Jackass 2.5"

    This is starting to get interesting. First Radiohead released “In Rainbows” Online, then Saul Williams released the Trent Reznor produced “The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust.” Now it seems that movie studios are, at least to some degree, following suit. While filming “Jackass 2,” the crew apparently created enough content for two entire films. Read More

  • Blockbuster Mobile coming soon to a handset near you?

    Blockbuster CEO James Keyes has fallen in love with being able to watch movies on his BlackBerry. So much so, in fact, that his company is now in talks with handset makers like Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung about ways to get Blockbuster movies onto cell phones everywhere. Keyes has been watching movies downloaded from Movielink (which Blockbuster acquired not too long ago) that are then… Read More

  • Blockbusted: Video store giant on the ropes?

    I know that I’m in the sad minority, but I like Blockbuster video. The clerks at my local Broadway branch are always cuter than the ones at the Hollywood down the street. Am I shallow? Oh, yah, totally. But besides that, my local Blockbuster has a far better selection than the Hollywood. Not as good as Scarecrow, but I’m not going to the U-District to get Deadwood, know what I… Read More

  • Walgreens to offer DVD-burning kiosks

    Your first stop for a quiet Friday night at home might soon be the drugstore, not the video store. Actually, that’s assuming you haven’t discovered the joys of On-Demand and/or downloading movies directly to your Media Center PC or Apple TV. Walgreens is planning to outfit its stores with DVD-burning kiosks “in the next few months,” according to a company spokesperson. Read More

  • Netflix Shaves Off One More Dollar

    Netflix is getting desperate in their struggle against Blockbuster or they’re taking a page out of Wal-mart’s playbook and gearing up to drive out Blockbuster from online rentals altogether. I’m inclined to believe the latter is true, well, for the most part. By shaving off another dollar from their already cheap prices, Netflix is teetering on a fine line that could end… Read More

  • Blockbuster Buys Movielink

    With competition heating up between rivals Netflix and Blockbuster, the next move isn’t even about DVD rentals anymore, it’s now about the downloads. Netflix has offered VOD for awhile now and really has out-shined Blockbuster quite a bit. Now with the purchase of Movielink, Blockbuster has more customers, more ground to work on, and the ability to offer more than 3300 titles… Read More

  • Blockbuster Desperate To Do Something, Buys A Loser

    Blockbuster announced the acquisition of movie download site Movielink this evening. The price is not being disclosed (meaning it isn’t “material” to Blockbuster’s shareholders), although the Wall Street Journal says it was less than $20 million. Movielink was created in 2002 as a joint venture of most of the big studios – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios… Read More

  • Blockbuster Shuts Down Netflix

    Oh noes, Netflixers. If you try to access the Netflix site you’re prompted with this message. What does it all mean? The update times keep changing. I know their subscriber base has tapered off and Blockbuster is muscling in, but please don’t shut down, Netflix. I loves you and your wide variety of DVDs. Hehe. They’re not shutting down, but it does seem to be taking a long… Read More

  • HD DVD Backers Says "So What" To Blockbuster's Support of Blu-ray

    Universal Studios, which exclusively supports HD DVD, basically thumbed its nose at Blockbuster in its response to the rental chain’s decision to favor Blu-ray. A marketing manager for Universal said that rental income from places like Blockbuster only brings in less than one percent of its revenue. No big loss, in other words. So much for the predictions of it being the end of the world… Read More

  • The Sky is Falling! or Did Blockbuster Kill HD DVD?

    Talk about leaps of faith. We all know that Blockbuster has chosen to support Blu-ray over HD DVD, but how, exactly, is that affecting sales? Well, according to one guy who works at an “unnamed” retailer, Toshiba should throw in the towel now because HD DVD sales have all but died. Interesting theory. Apparently, this one guy who works at an “unnamed” retailer says… Read More