Facebook is full of bloatware

I’m getting a dark techie feeling lately that I hoped I wouldn’t return to: it’s the sensation I had when I cracked open my new Dell Inspiron laptop in 2005 and was left grappling wi

Are We To Blame For Bloatware? The Infatuation With "More"

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-227014" title="bloatware_01" src="" alt="" />Few things piss me off more these days than the

Microsoft Store PC's won't have bloatware

In an ironic twist, it’s coming to light that computers purchased from the Microsoft retail stores will not contain the ‘trialware’ that was typically included in new PC’s. Thi

The Bearable Lightness of Droid: How the iPhone aesthetic has finally hit the majors

One thing that that struck me when I first slid open the Motorola Droid is that the software must have been a non-shipping copy. Historically, when Verizon ships a phone, the stuff in the VCast Music

Sony to tone down the bloatware and trialware

Got word this morning that starting in the next few months, Sony’s going to be offering computers free of bloatware and trialware. Amen and thanks for listening. The amount of crud on a new Sony