Esports Overwatch League heads to hipster Brooklyn for its finals

What could be more perfect than moving the inaugural championship finals for an esports league from its Los Angeles home to Brooklyn? For Overwatch League, the esports conference created by fiat from

Blizzard's Blizzcon 2011: October 21 & 22. Bring Healthy Snacks.

<img src="" />This just in: this year’s <a HREF="">Blizzcon</a> will be on October 21 and

SteelSeries’ World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Lineup Debuts At Blizzcon Tomorrow

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Blizzcon</a> begins tomorrow. Unfortunately, I cannot attend, which means

You Can Go To Blizzcon Courtesy Of SteelSeries (If You Win)

<img src="" />Blizzcon, the two-day <a HREF="">Blizzard</a> extravaganza, takes place

World of Warcraft Auction House heads to iPhone; Blizzcon tickets on sale next month

<img src="" />You can now monitor your <a HREF=""><i>World of Warcraft</i></a> auction

Look, Batman, there's a World of Warcraft headset from Creative coming right at us!

<img src="" /> This could be the most important week in the history of Creation. Blizzcon starts on Friday—once again Blizzard r

Ozzy will close out Blizzcon this year

<img src="" />Oh dear. So not only is Ozzy Osbourne in a <i>World of Warcraft</i> commercial, but he's also going to close out next week

Looks like we'll probably be playing as Worgen and Goblin in next World of Warcraft expansion

<img src="" />While I haven't logged into <i>World of WarCraft</i> since, I don't know, February (for the Valentines Day things), a ne

Razer wants to send you and a friend to Blizzcon

<img src="" />So you really want to go to BlizzCon 09, but in these troubled times, can't afford to go? No problem! Razer (of De

Let's go to Blizzcon and have the time of our lives!

<img src="" />It's time for Blizzcon again. Yes, Blizzard's annual pilgrimage-for-so-so-many returns this August, but tickets for the sh

Panels for this year's Blizzcon announced: Diablo, WoW as far as the eye can see

Blizzard has announced the panels for this year’s sold out Blizzcon, which takes place October 10-11 in Anaheim, Calif. Hope you’re cool with lots of Diablo III and World of Warcraft talk.

Blizzcon Dance Contest Gallery

Y-M-C-A! So your Monday isn’t going exactly as you planned. Sometimes starting off a new week can be hard, especially after a fun weekend. Lucky for you, Blizzard just put up some pictures from

New StarCraft 2 Pics From Blizzcon

Nick over at ShackNews recently got back from Blizzcon and took some awesome shots of StarCraft II that are sure to please. There will be heaps of marines, battlecruisers, and motherships for your gam