Look, Batman, there's a World of Warcraft headset from Creative coming right at us!


This could be the most important week in the history of Creation. Blizzcon starts on Friday—once again Blizzard reminded me in an e-mail that I can purchase the Web stream or DirecTV pay-per-view for $40—and we’re sure to be hanging on the company’s every word re: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Today’s hot news is that Creative will release a World of Warcraft-branded headset in November. Look for it around $100-$150.

The headset will come in wired and wireless flavors, and uses Creative’s THX TruStudio PC Surround. As you might expect, that’s there to simulate the sensation of 3D sound. How well it works, I have no idea.

The cups will be decorated with Horde and Alliance glyphs. That way, as you bark command to your idiot tank, you’ll feel even more like a member of your chosen faction. (Alliance, natch.)

Let’s hope the build quality is a little better than other WoW-branded peripherals.

via wow.com