Let's go to Blizzcon and have the time of our lives!


It’s time for Blizzcon again. Yes, Blizzard’s annual pilgrimage-for-so-so-many returns this August, but tickets for the show itself go on sale on May 16. And this year there’s an Internet stream you can watch! That’s good news for those of you who cannot (or do not want) to travel to Anaheim and dole out the $125 per ticket.

Right, so like last year the convention floor will be shown on DirecTV pay-per-view. But this year! Yes, this year you can order an Internet stream to watch the shenanigans go down from the comfort of your own home or office. Both the DirecTV pay-per-view and Internet stream will cost $39.95, which, eh, seems a little high to me. Price this at $20 and I could see someone like, say, me even consider buying the stream. (As it stands we may force Greg to go down there, since he’s closest.)

Anyway, people who order the pay-per-view or stream will receive an exclusive Word of Warcraft in-game item. What, exactly, that is, Blizzard will reveal at a later date.