• Google Calendar’s Enforced Birthdays Show The Ugly Side Of Algorithms

    Google Calendar’s Enforced Birthdays Show The Ugly Side Of Algorithms

    You may recall that Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information”. So if you’ve been seeing the Birthdays of people you hardly know appearing UFO-like in your Google Calendar lately, never fear — this is just Mountain View doing its thang organizing your stuff. Read More

  • Sincerely’s New “Thoughtfulness Engine” Will Help You Remember Birthdays & Special Occasions, Won’t Spam You With Alerts

    Sincerely’s New “Thoughtfulness Engine” Will Help You Remember Birthdays & Special Occasions, Won’t Spam You With Alerts

    Sincerely, the mobile gifting startup behind postcard and greeting card apps as well as newer arrival Sesame for themed gift sets, is on a mission to make the world more thoughtful. To date, it has accomplished that by making gifting easier and quicker through its suite of iPhone and Android applications, and today it’s taking the next logical step with the debut of the Sincerely… Read More

  • Join Us In Celebrating A Very Special Birthday

    Join Us In Celebrating A Very Special Birthday

    In the years I’ve been writing for TechCrunch, commenters have come and gone. BrooklynSurfer, SteveJabs, and some other dudes I forgot all graced our pages and made our lives special in one way or the other. But few of our commenters have been as prolific or dedicated as a young man named Max Woolf. Dumb post about a funding announcement? Max was there. Review of a bag? Max was there. Read More

  • Happy Birthday, SMS!

    Happy Birthday, SMS!

    On December 3rd, 1992 in the little town of Newbury, Berkshire, a UK programmer sent his best mate a few lines of greeting using a unique new technique called Short Messaging Service. The programmer, Neil Papworth, was a test engineer for the Sema Group, and sent the message via PC to the phone of Richard Jarvis, a Vodafone employee. The message was “Merry Christmas.” Vodafone… Read More

  • Born today in 1887: Harry Soref, locksmith

    The Master Lock is an undying invention. Made out of laminated steel, the locks can take a beating and still stay secure, ensuring their place in the pantheon of “good ideas.” Invented by Harry Soref in 1924, the company used pieces of scrap steel stacked on top of each other to create a lock that could survive a gunshot. Read More

  • The MP3 player turns 10

    The MP3 player, bane of the RIAA and friend to commuters everywhere, was first unveiled in 1998. The first device with built-in MP3 decoding and dedicated storage was the SaeHan Information Systems’s MPMan F10, debuting at Cebit (see this post from a couple months ago). Boasting an impressive 32MB, the machine could play back files loaded via an included serial cable. I remember the… Read More

  • Video: iMac turns 10 today

    Happy tenth birthday, iMac. It’s been a great ride, and, like me, you’re getting better with age. I remember when the iMac was released, I was working at a retail big box store that sold Macs. Within a few hours of the story hitting the wires (TV and print, mostly,) we had about a dozen people asking if we had it in. We didn’t of course, but it was telling. It’s… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Matt

    There are only a few people in this world who can pull off leather armbands, and one of those people is our own Matt Hickey. From his humble origins as “some guy who knows stuff about Palm” to a full-fledged member of the CG staff, Matt has consistently proven himself to be the drunkest — yet coolest — member of the CG team. Have a great birthday, buddy. Click through… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Our cruel but fair overlord, Michael Arrington, is 46 today! Let’s all wish him a happy birthday and hope he doesn’t fire us all! Seriously, Mike: You’re one of the best — if least hands-on — bosses I’ve ever had. You’re definitely changing the world one post at a time. via TC Read More

  • Leap Year Babies, we salute you

    After reading this article from The Register, it’s become blatantly apparent to me that leap year babies are A) mad as hell and B) not going to take it any more. I was born on the first day of February and would like to express my admiration for those of you out there who were born on a day in this great month so callously overlooked by many a web-based form. Case in point, the… Read More

  • CrunchBirthdays: Nicholas

    It is with great pleasure that I inform all of you that today is Nicholas’ birthday. We’re all very proud of him. He’s finally hit that pubescent stage in life and, boy, is it a glorious time. They sure do grow up quickly. Happy birthday, Nicholas! Read More

  • CrunchBirthdays: Doug

    Today is Nordic Doug’s birthday, everybody. Wish him a happy day and an even happier evening of drinking, lutefisk, and hot Greenlandic action. Read More

  • Happy 25th Birthday, Compact Disc

    I’m getting ready to move from Minneapolis to Boston and, upon cleaning out my house, found a treasure trove of old CDs that I’d shoved under the stairs along with my 3DO and Sega Saturn systems that some idiot spilled beer all over. I grabbed Metallica’s self-titled black album (which, coincidentally was the first CD I ever bought) and threw it in the last remaining CD player… Read More

  • Blogging Turns Ten This Year

    Happy birthday to you, you escaped from a zoo, you look like a monkey, and you smell like one too — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLOGGING! Although difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in time that blogging’s Big Bang occured, it is widely believed to have happened about ten years ago with Jorn Barger‘s Robot Wisdom website. I’m not exactly sure how the Wall Street Journal… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, TechCrunch

    Our godfather site, TechCrunch, is two years old and we here at CG want to thank Don Arringtono for making this one of the best ALMOST years — we’re one in August — of our lives. We may not always show it, but his hard work and trust in this little team makes us all feel great and it’s an honor to work under such a respected overseer. Thanks, Mike. Happy Second… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Michael

    Our benefactor, Michael Arrington III, Esq., officially turns 73 today and we at CG all wish him a happy, healthy, and joyous birthday. Seriously, Mike, thanks for letting us all run wild over here and have loads of fun. The CG Team Read More

  • The Hard Drive Is 50 Today

    It was 50 years ago today, that IBM launched their RAMAC (Random Access Memory for Accounting and Control) 305 and RAMAC 350. The RAMAC systems were IBM’s first attempt to store information on a disk. The original hard drive even had a party Tuesday night in its honor, and the museum that is housing it currently says that they want to restore the RAMAC to working condition. I have no… Read More