Join Us In Celebrating A Very Special Birthday

In the years I’ve been writing for TechCrunch, commenters have come and gone. BrooklynSurfer, SteveJabs, and some other dudes I forgot all graced our pages and made our lives special in one way or the other. But few of our commenters have been as prolific or dedicated as a young man named Max Woolf. Dumb post about a funding announcement? Max was there. Review of a bag? Max was there. Quora question about his own opinion of how many times he comments on TechCrunch? Max is there.

That’s why I’d like to recognize that Max’s birthday was on March 14. We failed to post on that momentous day but I felt that it would be unwise for us to completely ignore the birth of such an influential commenter. I hope your birthday was a good one.

Max is important. While we don’t always ask ourselves WWMWD, I think we all should. Should I go work at Apple? WWMWD? Should I ignore my studies at Carnegie Mellon and comment on TechCrunch all day? WWMWD? Should I be really cool and shy when we meet you at Disrupt in San Francisco? WWMWD?

So thanks, Max. Thanks for hanging out, thanks for being an integral part of our community, and it’s been a pleasure to see your career blossom as you’ve hung out in the comment listings. To paraphrase Bette Midler, you are the dude who comments a lot beneath our wings, and that’s important to us. If you need a birthday present email me at john @ and I’ll dig something out of my stuff pile. Otherwise, let’s all give Max a big hand.