• 3 new Sonic Chronicles videos, now with terribly useless narration! My hopes for Sonic Chronicles are remarkably high. I mean, come on – it’s Sega’s attempt at recreating the glory that is Super Mario RPG with the Sonic cast, and it’s made by Bioware, the only company to make an RPG worth playing since 1997. Sega/Bioware released 3 new videos today: an introduction, a gameplay video… Read More

  • BioWare express interest in developing for iPhone

    Celebrated developer BioWare, which recently released Mass Effect for the PC, has admitted that the iPhone is an “intriguing” platform. Naturally, that gives The Internet license to speculate left, right and center that it will be developing games for Apple’s smartphone. Isn’t BioWare known for long, drawn out Western RPGs? Considering their expertise doesn’t… Read More

  • Mass Effect Xbox LIVE content coming next month

    BioWare’s Mass Effect will be offering up some extra downloadable content to its 1.6 million or so gamers on March 10th. It’ll be available at 2AM PST for 400 points. The Bring Down the Sky downloadable content pack will be released to Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Monday, March 10 at 2 a.m. PST, and will be available for 400 MS points. This is the first in a series of planned… Read More