Video: BioWare explains why The Old Republic combat will be super-duper

It’d take a cataclysmic explosion at Yellowstone to knock World of Warcraft off its perch atop MMO Mountain, but if there’s one game that will give it a run for its money it’s BioWare’s The Old Republic. Two reasons for that: one, it’s BioWare, and two, it’s Star Wars. Star Wars in the capable hands of BioWare = goodness. And I write that knowing absolutely nothing about Star Wars—I only saw Episode I and Episode III! Anyhow, a video!

This here video shows BioWare kingpins Dr. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, and others, explaining why The Old Republic will takes MMOs to another level, primarily by improving the combat.

Hopefully BioWare shows off a bit more at E3, which I do believe we’re planning to attend in some capacity.