BBM Music

BlackBerry’s Peculiar BBM Music Service Slated To Shut Down On June 2

BBM Music, I hardly knew ye (seriously, I never got the chance to play with it). In an email sent out to the service's users earlier tonight, BlackBerry announced that it was officially pulling the pl

Maybe BBM Music Isn’t So Silly After All

With <a href="">BBM Music</a>, RIM has thrown their hat into the already crowded mobile music ring. The new service's focus on leveraging your social

BBM Music Gets Pre-Release Shout Out From Best Buy Canada

<a href="">BBM Music</a> has been keeping a low profile since it was announced last August, but a recently leaked image indica

RIM Launches Inexplicable BBM Music App

Though <a href="">Slacker</a> and <a href="">Pandora</a> have made the migration, the BlackBerry App World's selection of music apps