BBM Music Gets Pre-Release Shout Out From Best Buy Canada

BBM Music has been keeping a low profile since it was announced last August, but a recently leaked image indicates that it may soon see the light of day. Crackberry got their hands on what appears to be a Best Buy Canada circular that touts both the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and RIM’s strangely social music service.

Apologies to all the music sharing aficionados out there — it seems like Best Buy’s copywriters weren’t privy to any new information. We’re still left wanting for specifics like availability and release date, but if the ad is any indication, it may be ready for prime time sooner than expected.

Though BBM Music could probably benefit from the hype, it seems like an odd move for RIM and Best Buy Canada considering it’s still in beta. It’s possible that its appearance in the ad was just some sort of production gaffe; maybe one of the copywriters needed to fill space and latched onto the first vaguely-interesting BlackBerry tidbit they could find.

It’s certainly the easiest explanation, but I’m not sure if I buy it. Producing circulars and buyer’s guides takes a fair amount of lead time, so it’s also possible BBM Music was intended to launch a while ago, and the ad’s layout was put together to highlight it.

If you’re a BlackBerry user and all this talk of BBM Music has got you riled up, don’t feel bad: it’s ready for you to play with over in the BlackBerry Beta Zone.